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American Indian mtDNA, Y chromosome genetic data book

American Indian mtDNA, Y Chromosome Genetic Data, and the Peopling of North America

The field of molecular anthropology has grown in recent years with the advent of new methodologies and theoretical assumptions. The field has been particularly insightful in helping understand the initial peopling of North America. In this book, Peter N. Jones discussed the field of molecular anthropology and its insights into the peopling of North America, examining in detail mtDNA and Y chromosome genetic data.

Written in a clear, readable fashion, the author gives an overview of the topic for researchers, graduate students, and other professionals who are interested in this exciting new area of inquiry and the possibilities it holds for such contentious issues as biological affiliation, the peopling of North America, and historic population movements.

2004. $21.95. Buy through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or order it through us.

Table of Contents


Molecular Anthropology: A Review of the Field

Concepts and Terminology

Haplotypes and Haplogroups

Coalescent Trees and Gene Trees

Molecular Anthropological Population Theory

Human Migrations and Molecular Anthropology

American Indian mtDNA and Y Chromosome Studies

Summary and Conclusions




2004. $21.95. Buy through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or order it through us.



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