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Morning Exchange To Go Off The Air Sept. 10

Your Turn: Say Goodbye To Morning Exchange
mxCLEVELAND, Posted 8:25 a.m. June 29, 1999 -- After 27 years on the air, Morning Exchange will sign off in September.

NewsChannel5 recently announced the show is ending due to a decline in audience.

"It is with a mixture of true sadness and deep respect that I must announce the end of a great era of local television," said WEWS General Manager John Lansing.

Morning Exchange was the inspiration for ABC's Good Morning America. The network studied the show while planning GMA in New York.

When the show first went on the air in January 1972, it was called The Alan Douglas Morning Exchange with Douglas, Don Webster and Joel Rose as its hosts.

Fred Griffith took over the show in August of 1972 and has remained a major part of the show to this day.

WEWS is talking with the current hosts of the show, Robin Swoboda and Fred Griffith, about a new role at the station. Mark Johnson will continue his duties as a Forecaster.

The last show will be Friday, Sept. 10. It will be replaced by a syndicated series hosted by radio personality Dr. Joy Browne.

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