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Release Date: August 27, 2007


Productive weekend results in intent to work together

Following an extraordinary and special meeting focused on listening to the Antioch community, the Antioch University Board of Trustees approved a resolution to work with the College Alumni Board to allow the Alumni Board to demonstrate, by the October 2007 Board of Trustees meeting, the financial and academic feasibility of the College Alumni Board’s proposal for the continued operation of the College.

The Trustees stipulated that the Alumni Board’s proposal will need to develop a realistic business plan with required benchmarks as established by the Trustees, the Chancellor and the University Leadership Council.

To assist with the plan’s creation, the Board resolved to work closely with the Alumni Board and to provide due diligence access to all financial data of the college, consistent with state and federal regulations. At the Board of Trustees’ direction, Board Chair Arthur Zucker will appoint representatives of the Board of Trustees and University administration to work in conjunction with the Alumni Board.

Chair Zucker emphasized the basis of the decision focused on the unprecedented energy, sharing of constructive ideas, and commitment of time and money to the College by its alumni and other stakeholders.

“We want to engage the alumni,” he said, “and take advantage of the opportunity this renewed enthusiasm presents and to see if the Alumni Board can further develop their proposal to ensure the continued viability of the College.” However, Chair Zucker also cautioned “in addition to a business plan, there is much more work that needs to be done, not the least of which, is the need to raise substantial funds in a very short time period.”

The Trustees accepted the College Alumni Board’s offer to contribute to “various costs including, but not limited to, the support of the efforts of the current College Development office.”

Further, the Board affirmed through their resolution that no actions will be taken by the Trustees to endanger the financial stability and academic excellence of Antioch University McGregor or any of the other University campuses.

In a separate vote, the Board of Trustees stated its commitment, through the work of its Governance Committee, to consider the possibility of establishing a board of trustees for Antioch College with significant authority within the framework of a larger Antioch University. The Committee is scheduled to provide a progress report to Board of Trustees in October.

Chairman Zucker strongly emphasized his appreciation to the entire Antioch community for their constructive input, energy and willingness to participate in support of the College.

Antioch College, founded in 1852, is part of Antioch University, which includes Antioch University New England in Keene, New Hampshire; Antioch University Seattle in Washington; Antioch University Southern California in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara; and Antioch University McGregor in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The University’s administrative offices are also located in Yellow Springs. For more than 150 years, Antioch has been a leader in higher education, long known for its commitment to educational innovation and social justice.