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clock May 11, 2007 8:42 pm US/Eastern

President Addresses 2007 Saint Vincent Graduates

Uncut Video:  President Bush Addresses St. Vincent Graduates

(KDKA) LATROBE The 2007 graduates of Saint Vincent College welcomed President Bush to their campus this morning as the keynote speaker at their graduation ceremony.

The President landed on board Air Force One just before 10am at the 911th Airlift Wing in Moon Township.

After he was welcomed by several Pittsburghers, he headed straight to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe where he gave the commencement speech to the class of 2007.

The President�s speech focused on many types of service that citizens can do for one another.

He said, �You always get more out of service than you give.�

�When you serve your fellow citizens you find benefits you�ll never image,� he told the graduates. �You discover a caring person is all it takes for someone to turn their lives around. You see for yourself that kindness and respect make an enormous difference in a person�s life.�

It was Saint Vincent College�s President James Towey who extended the invitation to President Bush. Towey served as director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives from 2002 until April of 2006.

Towey says he wants to keep the day�s focus on the graduating class, which is made up of 296 students, not on politics.

But President Bush�s visit has been met with controversy. One group protested the visit last month, and the protests continue today at 9:30am.

However, they will be relegated to an area just off of Route 30, which is a distance away from where the President will deliver his address.

School officials tightened security and no traffic was allowed onto campus grounds.

Stay with KDKA for full coverage of President Bush�s visit to Saint Vincent College.

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