Monday, July 10, 2006

Press Release: Just How Dangerous Is Acetaminophen To Pets?

Beloved Feline Companion Is One of Many Cats Lost to Human Drug Poisoning

(Urbana, IL) July 10, 2006 -- No one needs to tell Beth Tucker of Syracuse, New York, how harmful acetaminophen can be to pets. In February 2006, Beth Tucker’s cat, Scooter, ingested a 500-milligram acetaminophen tablet that had been accidentally dropped on the floor. “Scooter was very quick; she had the fastest paws I’ve ever seen,” says Beth. “She would grab something out of your hand before you even knew it was gone.” Despite treatment efforts by a local veterinarian, Scooter unfortunately did not recover. “She suffered tremendously for five days as we tried to save her,” Beth explains. “We finally made the extremely painful decision to end her suffering and euthanized her.” Beth says in sharing her story with other pet owners, she was astounded by the number of folks that knew nothing about the toxic potential of this medication to animals.
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