|| H. H. Shrimat Parijnanashram Swamiji-III (Karla) ||
( 1966 - 1991 )

H. H. Shrimat Parijnanashram Swamiji-III (Karla) In 1959, Shri Anandashram adopted a shishya from Shukla family and named Him Shri Parijnanashram-III.

He was very intelligent, had a progressive outlook and keen thirst for knowledge - Vedic as well as technical.

A scheme of Chitrapur Gram vikas Yojana was mooted by HIM to make Chitrapur into a self-maintaining, viable township with an agricultural, industrial and commercial life of its own in addition to its undying spiritual base. This Gram-Vikas Yojana was calculated to develop socio-economically the area around the Math by starting cottage and small-scale industries like printing press, handlooms and powerlooms, agro-industries, development of the Panchvati Hill by building residential quarters on the lines of Shri Tirupati Samsthana. Lovely cottages aptly named Parijnanashraya were constructed by the Kanara Saraswat Association on the Panchvati Hills. HE mooted the idea of a housing scheme Anandashraya for housing and taking care of the old and infirm members of our Community. Anandashraya was built out of the funds collected from the generous public. The Panchvati Dhyanmandir built by H.H.Shrimat Pandurangashrama Swamiji was renovated and beautiful gardens with coloured roses and cactii were laid around the same. HIS varied interest carried HIM into electrical and electronic fields. HE set up a wireless shack at Panchvati.

HE set up a Museum of rare idols and refurbished the library containing rare shashtraic valuable old books with new ones and preserved them with correct connotation and captions.

HE was keen to make the Math self-supporting and developed the Bengre and Kembre property of the Math by planting coconut trees and providing Surti cattle to provide sufficient milk

He restarted the Rathotsava, which was earlier discontinued for economic reasons. Swami Parijnanashram installed a wireless station and Observatory near Panchavati and also collected antiques and artifacts to set up a Museum. As the Spiritual Head of Shree Trust, He started a school for the handicapped in Bolinj at Virar near Mumbai, which is regarded as a unique institution of its kind.

He built a temple at Karla in Maharashtra which was dedicated to the Goddess Durga Parameshwari. Swami Parijnanashram-III attained Samadhi in Bangalore in 1991 (Prajapati Shravana Kr-4 ) and His Samadhi stands next to Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple at Karla..