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The Usti Region

Area: 5 335 km2 (6,8 % of the Czech Republic)
Population: 820 000 (8 % of inhabitants of the Czech Republic)
Population density: 153,6 inhabitants per km2
Neighbours: Saxony (Germany), the Liberec Region, the Karlovy Vary Region, the Central Bohemia Region

This location predestines the region a significant position in the international economic and cultural co-operation and seems to be an outcome for a wide range of activities of cross-border co-operation between both these neighbouring regions. The position of the Region is, in terms of its gradual integration into European structures, along with the close vicinity and accessibility of Prague and other regional centres, a significant factor of its development. Also the main European roads and railway lines on the axis from Berlin to Vienna via Prague, together with the Labe water way, go through this Region. The concentration of industry and population is representing, in terms of the Czech Republic, important market, good accessible from Prague and also from neighbouring Saxony.

Cities and villages:

The Usti Region has 46 cities, where is living 80,7 % of its inhabitants, and 354 villages. The villages up 500 inhabitants are representing 54 % of all villages in Region, but there is living only 5,8 % of inhabitants.

Legal body: Krajsky urad Usteckeho kraje (Regional Authority of the Usti Region)

Velka Hradebni 3118/48
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Czech Republic

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