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Det Tapte Liv

Antestor returns.

Those two words will cause most Christian extreme metal fans to get hyped. Antestor, considered by most to be the first Christian extreme metal band, paved the way for all of the Christian metal bands currently coming up in Europe

The Defeat of Satan

Christian metal came into the fold pretty late. In fact, the 90s era was really the first time in music history that Christian metal really started getting noticed. Before the 90s, there were a few bands around (Living Sacrifice and Believer were around in the late 80s, and Tourniquet has been around for ages), but realistically, Christian metal was effectively Nonexistent. (No, hair-metal does not count.)
In Europe, the Christian metal scene was particularly absent. While American metal tended to be negative and often violent, the European scene boded worse for Christian metal bands, as it seemed to be officially anti-Christian. Case in point: until its dissolution in the mid-90s, the Norwegian Inner Circle ruled the black-metal scene. Some of its members were quietly anti-Christian; those bands had anti-Christian lyrics and left it at that. Others, however, were far more fierce in demonstrating their hatred, sometimes going as far as burning down churches. Murders have been associated with the notorious organisation.

Enter Antestor. Although they were introduced to the world in 1998 by Cacophonous Records (known for Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, amongst others) with the release of The Return of the Black Death, they had made three recordings before: Martyrium (1994, released by Endtime Productions in 2000), Despair (1993), and The Defeat of Satan (1991). Although unsigned, Antestor gained a certain reputation through word-of-mouth, and all three recordings (particularly Martyrium) were circulated widely through bootleg tape copies. They became famous enough that they received death threats from the aforementioned Inner Circle.

Now, Momentum Scandinavia invites you to own a piece of Christian metal history. The two demos, Despair and The Defeat of Satan, are now available on a single CD, remastered for your listening pleasure. Nordic Mission and Endtime Productions are taking care of the main distribution.

The first thing that you absolutely must be aware of: this release is primarily an item of antiquity, for the purpose of appeasing fans who want to familiarize themselves with the band

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