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By C.J.S. Wallia on Thursday, January 21, 1999 - 10:00 pm:

Readers are invited to look up my review of Arun Shourie’s book, “Missionaries in India” at

C.J.S. Wallia, Ph.D.
Editor, IndiaStar Review of Books
P.O.Box 5582
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 848-8200

By PK on Wednesday, January 27, 1999 - 03:55 am:

I and all my friends are very disgusted to learn about the murder of Graham Staines and 2 little kids by armed criminals in Eastern India.

We all strongly condemn it as a barbaric, inhuman act by few misguided bunch of thugs or loners who deserve severe punishment. It's a shame that they, supposedly associate their name with a major political party. If that is true than this party has no business being in power.

India is not known for this kind of acts on its minorities and we do not support it and my plead is that the parties in government must take serious action and the rule of law must prevail or they must resign as they have failed to provide protection to life to those wonderful and selfless people who helped tribals and very resourceless people in the backward areas, where our safedposh (whitedressed) leaders and so-called high-classes dont have even time to visit. These missionaries are compassionate people who are in India voluntarily and they must be free to carry on without any restriction.

If someone wants to convert to another religion, for his/her choice - he/she is free to do so in India and there is no law prohibiting it.

I received a link from Keith & Mrs. Ruth Skillicorn of Australia and you can read his article by Mr. Keith Skillicorn MISSIONS IN NEW PERSPECTIVE -- WHAT OF THE FUTURE

By Keith Skillicorn on Wednesday, January 27, 1999 - 11:22 am:

I am most grateful that you have kindly accepted my comments for discussion. Concerning the recent tragic murder of Graham Staines and his two sons, may I comment that, if he were what some of the religious extremists claim that he was, he never would have been granted a fresh "No-Objection-To-Return Permit" each year. I was privileged to serve in India for 25 years and know that one is thoroughly "check-out" by the police,before being issued with a re-entry permit. Those who complain about "Missionary Activities" are quite free to exercise a caring role in just the same way; in Graham's Staines' case, and my own, we both were involved in caring for leprosy sufferers. Both our clinics were "Aided Institutions " of The Leprosy Mission International. Why do not the opponents throw in their weight to help these desperately needy "Kushta Roj" sufferers, who, after all, are victims of a totally curable disease. I am delighted to know that quite a number of Hindu organisations (e.g. Ramakrishna Mission, care for leprosy sufferers).We care for these and other disadvantaged persons whether or not there is any chance of them accepting the Christian faith. What we do is a question of MOTIVES. If we were to serve with the ulterior motive of only "converting them (if that were possible)to a different religion" , our motives would be totally corrupt. We serve because we Love these less fortunate people. On the other hand, I have seen some of the religious extremists, of the type who killed Graham, actually trying their own hand at proselytising or "converting under pressure" by trying to change the followers of Animism (Sanatan Dharm") which is practiced by many aboriginal (Adivasi) groups in India, to Hinduism. Actually many Adivasis never were Hindus at any time. Nevertheless, if they wish to accept the Hindu faith, that is their choice and they should be free to do so, under the Indian Constitution. However, let them not be coersed into becoming followers of Hinduism, or any other religion. The conversion must be of their own FREE WILL.

However, I am sorry to say that, as in all religions, there are some extreme fundamentalist "Christians" who do not serve in the true spirit of Jesus, Mohommad or any of the Great Hindu Avatas, and who, in their intolerant zeal, try to force the issue and that is wrong, in ANY religion. In my chapter 16 of "An Impossible Dream", I have raised this very question under the heading Christian Missions - what of the future? I strongly criticize that Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalists who have brought dishonour to the "Missionary Movement". You may be interested to know that not a few of the bitter, anti-Black "KLU KLUX KLAN" in the southern states of the USA, are such extremely conservate "christians". They are of the same spirit as those who shot Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc.. As in the case of Jesus Christ, Graham Staines has not died in vain. Maybe the religious fanatics who burned him and his sons to death, may come to see their own moral weaknesses and experience a "change of heart". Now THAT would be REAL conversion. Also, over-zealot "christian" fundamentalists may come to realise that the "Word" of God is not mere "words" but genuine love which reaches out through social concern and action to all persons, irrespective of race, caste, creed and gender and in spite of whether or not they "convert" to Christianity under duress. It would serve no purpose to accept into the Christian Church, those who join with no conviction; they would serve only to weaken the church's moral and spiritual life. I thank you again, for granting me this opportunity to express my opinion. May Hamare Pyare Bharat (I am an Indian at heart and I love Indian culture and, with an Indian colleague, operate the Hindi School of South Australia) be blessed by having one of its servants make the supreme sacrifice for the nation. As we love what Mother Theresa did, so also we are very proud of the ministry of Graham Staines and his wife, Gladys, through the Mayurganj Leprosy Hospital in Orissa. Ironically, India will be all the richer, due to the death of Graham and his sons, if we see the real MOTIVES that empowered all that he did for the India he loved. JAI HIND

Keith Skillicorn ( )

By Editor (Admin) on Wednesday, January 27, 1999 - 11:54 pm:

Receieved by email:

Dear Friends,


I am indeed heartened to receive your message re. "Missionaries - What is
their future Role".

I, myself, was a "Missionary", although I prefer not to use that name
because of its now-tainted connotation - there is so much misunderstanding.
We never tried to change the culture of those whom we served. In fact, we
have become Indians at heart. We have an adopted Indian family. We love
India and her culture. Our role was in Community Development through the
"Krishi Samudayak Wikaas Yojna" and, during the days of the Bihar Famine, I
worked closely with Jai Prakash Naraiyn who was my personal friend. Another
very close friend was Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, also General Kariapa. Our work
was mainly in Leprosy Control and, in that regard, we worked closely with
the Ministry of Health.

Here in Australia, Ruth and I are members of The India - Australia
Association and, with my colleague, Inder Bhagwanani, operate the Hindi
School of South Australia.

Let us hope that the tragic death of Graham Staines will help many Indians
to realise that "Missionaries" are not in India to exploit their and culture
land but to serve and love the people of India in the best way we can.

Here are some of the other sites, that you may kindly add to your data base.
They indicate just how much we are trying to promote Hamare Pyare Bharat. ( 1 TO 8) and through to INDIANUKE8 and INDUSTDEVELB

If you are able to include these or some of them, in your data base, I would
be so grateful. At present, these sites are mainly benefiting local people
in Australia who are interested in India.

Best Wishes and Bahut dhanyabad

Aap kaa mitra

Keith Skillicorn, A.M.,
Caring for leprosy sufferers, widows,
orphans and the underprivileged in India.
"Rosehaven", Unit 4, 953 North East Road,
Modbury, S.Aust., 5092, AUSTRALIA.
Phone:+61+8+8265+0417 Local:(08)8265-0417

By R. Maharaj on Tuesday, January 26, 1999 - 07:16 pm:

On the matter of Christianity in India and the recent spate of violence agaist them I just wanted to say that the law of Karma is inescapable . The Christians have throughout the ages raped, murdered and pillaged many lands and destroyed many nations of people not the least being peoples of India- both Hindus and Muslims. Were any voices raised in defence or in protest against them? Many places of worship of great antiquity and priceless treasures were destroyed and used for target practice. Did anyone shed a tear? Why are Indians and others now raising their voices? Let the law of nature take its course.

By Jay on Thursday, February 04, 1999 - 01:18 am:

To this entire audience:

It is a fact that the rich Christian countries are trying to destablize India. By sending missionaries to poor, rural areas in India. Their motives are that they are helping the poors but the fact is that they [christians] are trying to create a split between Indian on the basis of religion. I guarantee you that half of those missionaries are not even strong christian believers and are surely on the secret services of the us, french, australian, canadian ect... government. If those Christian really wanted ot preach the gospel then why did not they preach when they were colonizing other nations? Why preach once they left our great nation? Well the answer is simple. Whites saw that they were becoming minorities and losing power and control very quickly. Countries the whites had colonized were starting compete against the white countries better. As an example is India, China, Korea ect... So they started sending some fake missionnaries with their fake help but the main goal was to slow down and eventually break all treaths against the white countries.
I know for a fact that those missionnaries tell all sorts of lies to the people they want to convert.
There was a time in my life when I was very influenced by Christianity and when I was young my parents even took me to church because they did not see a difference between a church and a temple. It is these missionaries in India who are creating their intended "split" and break the country. Please chase those missionaries out of India and the world. There is no room for hypocrits. To those who have converted from Hinduism to Christianity. Did you ever read the Gita or try to be a better person? Then how in the world did you convert.

no room for missionaries in India.

By Anmol Sajjan Purohit on Thursday, February 04, 1999 - 09:42 pm:

Anmol Sajjan Purohit


Editor, "The Indian Lampoon"

It used to be said of the motion pictures that first, they started moving. Next, they started talking. And finally, they began to stink.

A fate even worse has befallen the Republic of India. The body politic, so carefully nurtured by Mahatma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, has started to stink to high heavens.

The great Congress Party of Gandhi, Nehru and Patel has now become the "Shaitan Congress", a title conferred on it by one of the peripheral opportunistic parties that have been goading it on to topple the current BJP-led government so that they can then dictate terms to the Congress government that they want to put in office.

And it speaks volumes for the utter lack of honour that has permeated the "Shaitan" Congress under Sonia Gandhi that Amar Singh, the ill-mannered Humpty-Dumpty of the Samajwadi Party, who has repeatedly used the epithet for the Congress, has not once been asked to mind his language either by Rajiv Gandhi's widow or by the pygmies sitting in her "jenana-khana".

The same "Shaitan" Sonia's Congress plumbed unprecedented depths on the night of Saturday-Sunday, 23rd-24th January, 1999, the eve of India's 50th Republic Day, when it executed a despicable plot to defame its political opponents by laying at their door the blame for a reprehensible, utterly inhuman act committed by a pack of outlaws whom the Congress Party's own government had been unable to bring to book for several years, and who ostensibly enjoyed the support of a powerful group of Congressmen.

Totally abandoning all claims to decency and civilisation, "Shaitan" Sonia's hidden agenda received prompt assistance from those fringe elements in the media who have no morals, no scruples, no principles, no honesty and no concern for truth, in short, those who shamelessly wallow in filth and slime.

Let us take a close look at the events of the two days in question, viz., Saturday and Sunday, 23rd and 24th January, 1999.

Before noon on Saturday, news came in through about the cold-blooded murder of an Australian missionary and his two little sons in Orissa early in the morning (around 0100 hours). This site also reported that Orissa Chief Minister J.B. Patnaik was rushing back to the State from Delhi.

Although it was not mentioned, it was common knowledge that J.B. Patnaik had been making many trips to Delhi to pay obeisance at the court of "Shaitan" Sonia and beg her forgivance for the gang-rape of Anjana Misra, a woman who had accused a senior State officer (said to be close to Patnaik) of molesting her. Patnaik had failed to protect Anjana Misra despite court orders asking the government to provide her with high-profile security.

To return to the dastardly crime, there was absolutely no news/information on about the perpetrators. Later that day, the site reported that "Shaitan" Sonia had expressed shock at the ghastly killings and had despatched an aide, Madhavrao Scindia, Member of Parliament, to Orissa.

The local police still had nothing to say.

Late that afternoon, reported that Scindia had reached Bhubaneshwar -- and this needs to be noted -- that he had been received at the airport by Chief Minister J.B. Patnaik, and that the two were going to leave for the scene of the crime by helicopter.

After that, there was no development. The local police had nothing to say.

At 10 that Saturday night, "Aaj-Tak", a tabloid-style television news programme on Doordarshan's Metro channel put together by the publishers of "India Today", did not lead with the story of the killing of the Australian missionary and his two little sons. In fact, it was placed at #4.

Come Sunday morning, and India's one and only tabloid rag masquerading as a broadsheet, "The Asian Age", screamed that it was the Bajrang Dal that did it and that the killers shouted the slogan "Jai Bajrang Dal".

The local police had nothing to say.

But the paper's political editor Seema Mustafa quoted the missionary's widow as seeing the hand of the RSS in it. Mustafa wrote the story in Delhi; Mustafa did not meet the lady but quoted some Evangelical Church authorities (in Delhi?) to whom the widow (in Orissa, but a five-hour drive away from the scene of the carnage) had allegedly made the comment (over the 'phone?).

The Bombay editions of "Indian Express" and "Times of India" did not carry the allegation about the Bajrang Dal.

The police still had nothing to say about the killers.

By the evening of Sunday, 23rd January, 1999, all hell broke loose. The whole world was rudely grabbed by the scruff of the neck, shaken out of its lazy holiday and an attempt was made to force down its gullet a terrible story of religious persecution in a remote hamlet in India where "fanatics affiliated to the ruling party" (the one that had had the audacity to test its Nuclear devices in May, 1998) burnt alive two little boys and their father, a man working to help leprosy-affected patients in the area.

And the attempt seemed to have succeeded.

There seemed little cause for doubt, because the news had emanated from India itself and was "scooped" by an English newspaper, "The Asian Age", which has been trying to position itself as a leading newspaper, with its editor having recently been recruited to function as editor of five loss-making newspapers purchased in the USA by one of his franchisees, a manufacturer of liquor.

The story was truly ghastly and the credentials of those serving it seemed perfect. Only, it was a total hoax. A total lie. The worst possible hit-below-the-belt story in which a gang of dishonest journalists played the starring role in vending disinformation with a view to spreading disaffection against the government of the day and in order to replace it with a government of its choice -- rather than a government chosen by the people.

Once "The Asian Age" had splashed the lies, the story was picked up by rogue media baron Rupert Murdoch's "Star News" in India which is monopolised by Prannoy Roy, a man whom India's CBI, or Central Bureau of Investigation, has been probing for causing a loss to the government of India to the tune of about Rs. 3.50 crores (or Rs. 35 million).

From that stage on, the story gathered its own momentum. Every English newspaper worth its printing ink and every television channel worth its spotboy had per force to follow the "lead" given by "The Asian Age".

(Nobody in India bothers about perjury, a crime for which Clinton is being impeached. If the Bajrang Dal and the RSS file a case against "The Asian Age" in 1999, it will probably be disposed of in the year 2099.)

To return to the dastardly killing, the Orissa police, which had not had a word to say for more than 36 hours (from 0100 hours on Saturday to 1300 hours on Sunday), suddenly woke up and said that some people had said that the killers had shouted "Bajrang Bali ki jai". The blame for the heinous crime was well and properly laid at the door of the RSS and Bajrang Dal.

No evidence, no proof, no one caught red-handed. Not one of the 100 and odd killers (subsequently "reduced" to 50 or 60) had been apprehended.

On cue, the rest of the polity picked up the thread -- and the litany of "RSS killers", "Bajrang Dal murderers" was launched with a viciousness which was as breathless as it was cooked up.

But Madhavrao Scindia remained virtually incommunicado till Sunday night, when Prannoy (CBI accused) Roy's "Star News" showed a video-clip of him at the scene of the carnage. Early on Monday morning it was reported that he had returned to Delhi late on Sunday night and reported directly to "Shaitan" Sonia.

Strangely, he did not send a copy of his report on the ghastly crime to the President of India or to the Prime Minister or the Home Minister of India. No media person asked him why. If the carnage was as horrendous as it was made out to be, and if Madhavrao Scindia really did have irrefutable evidence of the involvement of the Bajrang Dal and the RSS, why did he treat it in such a blatantly partisan manner? Why didn't he hand over a copy of his report to the President of India? To the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India? The Director of the CBI? The Central Vigilance Commissioner? The Solicitor-General of India? The Advocate-General of India?

It is the opinion of this writer that the video-clips of Madhavrao Scindia at the scene of the carnage did not show him with a grim visage. Instead, his face seemed to glow with the beginning of a grin discernible at the corners of his mouth. It was a grin that said, "Just you wait, you morons. Now your goose will be well and truly cooked. We will grab you by the testicles."

For the uninitiated, Madhavrao Scindia's mother is his political opponent and they have not been on talking terms for more than 22 years. She is also a Member of Parliament, a leading member of the RSS and vice-president of the ruling BJP which have been accused of executing the ghastly murder of the Australian missionary and his little sons.

Not merely that, one of Madhavrao's alienated sisters is also a BJP Member of Parliament and is the country's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

Madhavrao himself started life as a BJP MP in the 1970's. But he was terrorised by "Shaitan" Sonia's rogue brother-in-law Sanjay Gandhi, ran away from India and sought refuge in Nepal during the Emergency. In fact, when his mother called him, Madhavrao said, "You come over to Nepal, Ma, otherwise they will kill you, too". (He was referring to Sanjay and his gang).

What happened after that? What made Madhavrao abandon his party, his mother, his sisters, his own principles, and become a bootlicker of the same Congress Party and its dirty dynasty? This is something that is unlikely to remain hidden for very long now.

But obviously, the "Shaitan" Sonia's rogue brother-in-law Sanjay Gandhi had grabbed Madhavrao Scindia by the testicles, a favour he is now returning to his original party.

What about his collaborator?

This is what Maneka Gandhi, India's Minister for Social Welfare, says about Chief Minister J.B. Patnaik: "The Congress Party is a disgrace. Patnaik should have been made to step down. In the first ten years he was into all kinds of perversions. That was boys. This time it is girls and the Congress Party is silent... she (Sonia Gandhi) is silent on Orissa where not only a woman but also a system is getting raped."

Maneka Gandhi should know. She is the widow of Sanjay Gandhi, the rogue brother-in-law of the "Shaitan" Sonia. But whereas their mother-in-law Indira Gandhi (not even a distant relation of Mahatma Gandhi) drove away from her home her younger daughter-in-law Maneka soon after the death of her son Sanjay in 1980, in the case of the elder daughter-in-law Sonia, she has outlived both her husband and his mother and has absolute control over the Nehru-Gandhi family fortune, reportedly running into billions of rupees.

As for Orissa Chief Minister J.B. Patnaik, he is often referred to as a debauch par excellence and a very rich and powerful man. When elections to the State Assembly were held four years ago, he was not allowed to contest by the Congress Party (then headed by Prime Minister Narasimha Rao). The people of Orissa were explicitly told that in the event that the Congress won the elections, J.B. Patnaik would not be in the race for Chief Minister. Based on this promise, the people of Orissa voted out of office the Janata Dal government headed by the late Biju Patnaik (father of Steel and Mines Minister Naveen Patnaik and the celebrated writer Geeta Mehta).

However, once the elections were over and the Congress Party won, the wily J.B. Patnaik, who had been made to "sit", got into action. Using his money power as well as some muscle power, he had himself elected leader of the Congress Party in the Orissa State Assembly and became the Chief Minister.

To return to the original story, nobody has asked why Madhavrao Scindia, "Shaitan" Sonia's observer, remained incommunicado along with J.B. Patnaik from the time that he left Delhi, or at least after he met up with J.B. Patnaik at the airport and the two left by helicopter for Manoharpur.

Besides, everybody seems to have "forgotten" that "Shaitan" Sonia had still not done anything about the Anjana Misra rape case in which the Orissa Chief Minister was accused by the victim of having a hand and whose dismissal was being demanded by his own partymen.

Does one need to be a Sherlock Holmes to put two and two together and conclude that "Shaitan" Sonia's point-man Scindia and the beleaguered Orissa Chief Minister J.B. Patnaik did what they could do best, viz., make handy use of the murder of the Australian missionary and pin it on the Bajrang Dal and the RSS and thus deflect attention from the equally ghastly gang-rape of Anjana Misra?

And what about the credentials of "The Asian Age", whose report on the involvement of the Bajrang Dal and the RSS has been quoted all over the world to paint a ghastly picture of both India as well as of the party at present ruling the country?

M.J. Akbar, the boss of the paper, is a former Congress Member of Parliament. He was one of the 420 or so Congress MPs elected along with Rajiv Gandhi in the immediate aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination when Indians, as usual, voted with their hearts rather than with their heads.

When he launched his paper a few years ago, M.J. Akbar's main backer was another former Congress MP, Suresh Kalmadi, who rose to become Minister of State for Railways in the last year of Narasimha Rao's Congress government. Even today, the name of Meera Kalmadi, Suresh Kalmadi's wife, appears in the imprint line of "The Asian Age" as a Director on the board.

Despite the passage of time and the so-called appeal of a "name" like M.J. Akbar, "The Asian Age" has been a total, absolute disaster financially. At first, Congressmen like Suresh Kalmadi supported it as much as they could, asking various departments to release paid government advertisements in the paper -- even though the paper had a circulation (in Bombay in 1997) that did not cross even the three-figure mark.

But once Suresh Kalmadi left the Congress and moved towards the BJP, "The Asian Age" came close to closing down. Rather than acknowledge failure, M.J. Akbar decided to "franchise" his newspaper -- a franchise in the style of "McDonald's", "Pizza Hut", "Aunty's Bar", "Uncle's Kitchen", "The Last Whorehouse in Texas" and so on.

A manufacturer of electronics, M/s BPL, took up the Bombay edition of "The Asian Age" as a franchise.

The franchise for all the remaining editions was taken up by M/s United Breweries, managed by a social climber called Vijay Mallya and which is one of India's myriad liquor companies.

This company had earlier "sponsored" the West Indies cricket team. Now, it "took" up "The Asian Age".

In other words, from being a pipsqueak of the "jute press" (the epithet used to describe "The Times of India" where he learnt the tricks of the trade from the dirty old man of Indian journalism, Khushwant Singh), M.J. Akbar has traversed a long, long distance indeed -- he has become major domo and leading light of the "liquor/daruwalla press".

M.J. Akbar still enjoys many perks of office and for which he is eternally grateful to the Congress Party; as ex-MP he is entitled to a host of "facilities", including free travel in air-conditioned railway coaches, a "facility" bestowed by Suresh Kalmadi during his last days as Railway Minister. And a pension paid from the tax collected from the people of India.

As for Seema Mustafa, this person also has a dubious record as an active politician. S/he was associated with the Janata Dal in Uttar Pradesh and contested State elections on more than one occasion. S/he lost every time. But s/he has always been a very active politician, even as s/he has been writing pure, unadulterated muck in "The Asian Age".

So shameless is Seema Mustafa and so quick to stoop to any depth to make a point, that in 1996, when s/he was in a group of "dissenters" who split the Janata Dal in Uttar Pradesh for the umpteenth time, in a report to that effect in "The Asian Age", s/he even changed her/his own sex!

The report listed the names of those who were opposed to the State Janata Dal chief and included in them was one "Mr. Seema Mustafa". This writer sent a strongly-worded letter to the editor protesting that the paper should tell its readers about the political affiliations of its writers. The letter was never published.

To return to the night of Saturday, 23rd January, 1999, "The Asian Age", by a happy coincidence, has a franchised edition in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. The staff of that edition was "used" by "Shaitan" Sonia's fearless duo, Madhavrao Scindia and J.B. Patnaik, to foist the ghastly murder of the Australian missionary and his two little sons on the RSS and the Bajrang Dal.

Thus, a deadly, diabolical nexus between a Congress Chief Minister, a leading Congress MP, a former Congress MP and a failed politician belonging to the Janata Dal (the latter two masquerading as journalists), has tried to grab by the testicles the duly-elected government of India in a shameless attempt to usurp power and hand it over to a neo-Indian widow of Italian origin, the "Shaitan" Sonia who cannot speak to save her life, whose inability to address a press conference is an old joke, and whose commitment to India suspect.

The facts cry out for themselves and say that the entire diabolical plot was put together by Madhavrao Scindia and J.B. Patnaik on the helicopter ride from Bhubaneswar to Manoharpur with the doubly deadly intention of taking the heat off J.B. Patnaik in the Anjana Misra murder case, and to turn the heat on the Vajpayee ministry so that those propping it in office take away their support and thus help install in office, in the 50th year of the Indian Republic, a woman of foreign origin who heads a trust in her husband's memory which earns a whopping Rs. 1.70 lakhs or more per day as interest on its "investments".

Hundreds of questions remain unanswered. Here are only a few of them.

Why has the utterly sanctimonious Congress Party of the "Shaitan" Sonia not demanded a CBI inquiry into the ghastly killings in Orissa? What is the reason for its pathetic faith in the investigative abilities of the Orissa police (which failed to prevent the carnage in the first place) vis-a-vis the CBI?

Is it because the CBI is now no longer under the control of the government of India as was the case earlier? Is it because the Congress is afraid that if a really fair and impartial probe is conducted by a CBI that is not swayed by partisan considerations, then the needle of suspicion would point in the direction of Messrs. Madhavrao Scindia, J.B. Patnaik and M.J. Akbar, and also Mr/Ms Seema Mustafa?

O Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do. When today's ruling party becomes tomorrow's opposition party, and vice versa, the RSS and the Bajrang Dal will be at liberty to use the tactics patented by the "Shaitan" Sonia, viz., grabbing by the testicles.

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