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Christopher Fox Graham of Sedona
Christopher Fox Graham is a...
Christopher Fox Graham...Montana-born boy raised in Arizona to be a poet, artist, and singer with unending wanderlust. He's fascinated with art and other shiny things, a good story will keep him captivated and silent as he soaks you in.
Christopher Fox Graham has many nicknames, ranging from CFG, Cifjah, Ciff, Ciffy, Cifaleupagus, and more obscurely Topher, Reynard and Pookie. Coworkers and slammers call him Fox, his mother calls him Christopher and only one ex-lover can call him Foxy.

In truth, he is good at only three things: using language, kissing, and driving.

Christopher Fox Graham is the chief Copy Editor of the Sedona Red Rock News, an arts reporter and a columnist. He writes a weekly column "Sedona Underground," about the city's art scene. He is a proponent of advocacy journalism especially in the arts, social equality and locally-focused business issues.

Christopher Fox Graham is one the nine coordinators of GumptionFest a kickass, annual, two-day grassroots arts festival held in Sedona every June. Between 100 and 200 artists and bands exhibit their work, music and words for free to more than 1,000 visitors and residents.

Christopher Fox Graham formerly hosted a poetry and spoken word open mic at Random Acts of Coffee, in Sedona, before the venue closed in June 2005. The venue named a drink after him which one can order an various coffeehouses in Sedona. The "Topher": A large soy chai with two (or three) shots of espresso. Serve iced or hot. He now co-hosts a poetry open mic in Sedona in collaboration with The Martini Bar, Ravenheart Coffee, New Frontiers Natural Marketplace and the GumptionFest Artistic Support Foundation at the Old Marketplace, West Sedona, on first and third Tuesdays of the month.

Christopher Fox Graham has been a member of the city of Sedona Youth Commission since May 2005 and was elected chairman in August 2005.

Christopher Fox Graham has been unofficially named "The Voice of the Underground," in Sedona for his column "Sedona Underground" that appears every Friday in The Scene.

Christopher Fox Graham won the 2004 NORAZ Poets Grand Slam, the 2005 Arizona All-Star Poetry Slam, and was a member of the 2001 Flagstaff National Poetry Slam Team and the 2004, 2005 and 2006 NORAZ Poets National Poetry Slam Teams.

Christopher Fox Graham believes that all slam poets are Jedis. He carries a lightsaber in his car to prove this.

Christopher Fox Graham is a registered Socialist, fiscally conservative and extremely left-wing socially. He's a poet who owns a .45-caliber pistol - figure that one out. To further his knowledge of the world and mess with both uninformed Sedona New Agers and neo-conservative evangelical reactionaries, he likes to read Adbusters, The Economist, Noam Chomsky, The Washington Post and The New York Times while sipping a Topher.

Christopher Fox Graham has been thrown out of six movie theaters, 18 bars, a public pool, two malls, four golf courses, one bowling alley, five dorms, one airport and one pet store.

Check out what Graham has to say about Slam!!


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