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The organic food market in Poland: Ready for take-off

The Polish organic food consumer market, estimated at EUR 50 million today, is expected to grow tenfold during the next decade.

Some 7 percent of Polish consumers already buy certified organic food. Another 38 percent mistakenly believe that they are doing so, when in fact they are buying uncertified "organic-like" products that are not produced according to organic standards.

Polish agricultural land under organic production doubled last year, but the organic share of total agriculture is still low, leaving plenty of room for further growth. Low labor costs and relatively good organic productivity mean that Polish organics are well-positioned to compete successfully in the EU; and since Poland´s accession to the EU in 2004, European consumers can be confident that Polish organic certification meets EU standards.

In spite of these positive indicators, the Polish organic market is still very inefficient due to the small number of processing plants and to the underdeveloped procurement and wholesaler infrastructure.

The overall situation presents a very good investment opportunity for well prepared industry players at each stage of the organic value chain, from the import of organic raw materials to production, distribution, and retail sales. A recent research report by SixtyTwo International Consultants assesses investment opportunities in light of proprietary consumer research, and offers a detailed analysis of the entire Polish organic value chain - from farmers to consumers.

About the authors: SixtyTwo International Consultants is a German-Polish consulting company specializing in international issues such as cross-border business expansion, off-shoring, and market analysis. The founders of SixtyTwo - and the authors of this report - have previously worked for major firms such as Procter & Gamble, McKinsey & Company, and the Deutsche Bank Group.

© 2006, SixtyTwo International Consultants

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Short Description of the Report

"Organic Food Market in Poland" is a report primarily aimed at investors interested in the organic food market in Poland. After a short international overview, the report analyses the Polish organic food market along the value chain. It includes a detailed analysis of organic agriculture in Poland (with comparisons to the EU and Germany), a review of organic wholesaling and processing, and describes the organic retail landscape in Poland. The report includes detailed results of a proprietary consumer research conducted in July 2006 among a representative sample of more than 300 shoppers. Finally, the report gives specific recommendations for seven different investment options ranging from import of unprocessed agricultural products to investing in organic retail in Poland. The report has over 100 pages and more than 100 tables and graphs.

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