The Teeth
You're My Lover Now - Park the Van
Filter Grade: 91%
by Colin Stutz | 05.24.2007

If Disney's '90s musical Newsies had been set in the grungy cheesesteak city of Philadelphia rather than right on Broadway, and had starred the Teeth--a gang of scrappy rock-inclined hooligans--rather than Christian Bale and Co., then two things are certain: New York City's 1899 newspaper strike would have ended much sooner (making way for some good ol' smart-alecky swooning) and the film's soundtrack would have sounded a bit like the Teeth's debut LP, You're My Lover Now. Here, this Philly quartet manages to blend early garage rock aesthetics with Queen and Bowie's theatrical flare, resulting in ramshackle showtunes that successfully range from soulful ballads ("Ball of the Dead Rat"), to Cake-y swaggers ("Yellow"), to even something acoustic and sentimental ("It's Over and Over"). Never losing that goodtime-y piano bar feel, the songs of You're My Lover Now bounce off the walls with ostentatious crescendos and harmonies, keeping a keen sense of irony for it all. So go on, subscribe and read all about it before your clock gets cleaned.


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