Subject: Lucy Larcom
Photographer: F.L. Morrill
Size: 6.5cm X 10.5cm

A poet who caught the attention of John Greenleaf Whittier while still working in the Lowell textile mills, Lucy Larcom later graduated from the Monticello Seminary in Illinois. She established the study of English literature at Wheaton Seminary, and taught literature, history, and other subjects from 1854 to 1862, and from 1865 to 1867. Miss Larcom was greatly beloved by her students.

Subject: Lucy Larcom
Photographer: Unknown
Size: 9.5cm X 12cm

She founded Psyche, an intellectual society, Chrysalis, a literary magazine for younger students, and Rushlight (in 1855), a literary magazine for older students which is still in publication. After leaving Wheaton she became a popular poet and editor, and was able to support herself through her publications. A dormitory is named in honor of Lucy Larcom, as is a room in Mary Lyon Hall, made possible through a gift from her great grand niece Lois Larcom Horn W1928 and her class.

Subject: Lucy Larcom
Photographer: A. Marshall
Size: 11cm X 16.5cm
Comments: Photo is mounted on board

LLarcom recorded how the Rushlight came into being (Memorial No., p.24):
"...not long after I went to Norton as a teacher, finding myself surrounded by some very bright girls, it ocurred to me that something might be done to make 'composition writing' less of a task to them, and more of a pleasure to all concerned....

" I said to myself, as I gleaned bright, choice things from the pile of compositions that rose before me, semi-weekly or so, 'Why cannot we have a paper?' I said it to the girls and to the teachers also; and everybody was pleased with the idea. But I must give it a shape and a name and a beginning, they said.

" I thought over many titles; but we did not want to be pretentious in our first efforts, so, when I presented THE RUSHLIGHT, and presented as a motto the meek couplet,

'A Rushlight, flickering and small,
Is better than no light at all,'

everybody agreed that the title and motto suited the case very well....So THE RUSHLIGHT was kindled." (Shepard, p.193-4)

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