Programmes of Study

Level 3 Programmes

Your programme of study at the College will be made up of examination courses, tutorial, the opportunity to develop your key skills and a variety of other activities. We aim to provide you with a programme which meets your needs for higher education entry requirements, your career and employment aims as well as your personal interests.

Level 2
(one year)
Level 3
(two years)
Tutorial Tutorial
Key Skills Key Skills
OCR National Level 2 GCE AS General Studies
GCSEs Advanced/Advanced Subsidiary GCEs
  OCR National Level 3GCSE
re-sits (where necessary)
College Activities College Activities

Indicates compulsory elements

Advanced level programmes of study at the College usually last two years. They are suitable if you have a high level of attainment at GCSE and wish to undertake further study before progressing to higher education or employment. The main part of an advanced level programme will be formed by advanced level GCEs or OCR National Qualifications or a mixture of the two.

Most GCE advanced level subjects are made up of six units: three advanced subsidiary (AS) units which you complete in year one and three A2 units which are assessed at a higher level and form the second year of the course. It is possible to achieve an AS qualification without progressing to the A2 part of the course. Some of the GCEs in applied subjects provide the possibility of taking twelve unit double awards. Thirty six subjects are available in almost any combination and it is expected that most students will take three or four AS subjects, then continue to the full A level in perhaps three of those subjects. Unit examinations will be taken during the two years and it is possible to re-sit each unit once.

The OCR National Qualifications at Level 3 are available as 6, 12 or 18 unit awards.

As part of your advanced GCE or OCR National subjects, you will develop the key skills of communication, application of number and information technology. You will also follow the GCE AS general studies course. It may also be possible to take one or two GCSE courses such as mathematics or English in addition to your A level courses should you need to do so.


Level 2 programmes

These programmes at the College last one year and may be used to progress to education and training at Level 3 or to employment.

The main part of a Level 2 programme will be formed by OCR National and/or GCSE courses. These are available in subjects which you may have studied at school as well as in subjects which will be new to you. Subjects are grouped into three main packages, these are: information and communication technology; health and social care; and science.

All students will cover the key skills of communication, application of number and information technology.

All Level 2 and Level 3 students will be a member of a tutor group and will be encouraged to participate in the other college activities described on page 5 of the prospectus or on the College Activities page.

The College aims to provide you with a programme of study suited to your particular needs. You can be sure that when choosing your courses you will receive impartial expert advice and careers guidance.