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Porn Bus Shoots Sex On The Move

Video Shows Producer Offering $700 For Sex On Camera

POSTED: 4:26 pm EST November 17, 2004
UPDATED: 12:03 pm EST November 19, 2004

The Local 10 Problem Solvers discovered hardcore porn being shot, produced and distributed right here in South Florida. But the setting isn't a darkened movie set, it's a van that could be driving right next to you.

It's sex on the move and it has a worldwide following. Local 10's Matt Lorch went undercover to find out how this operation works.

The online video shows two men in a minibus rolling around South Florida hunting for young women.

Man in van: "What's your name?

Woman on street: "Mandy."

Man in van: "Mandy's your name? Do you usually talk to strangers, Mandy?

Woman on street: "All the time."

Man in van: "What if I paid you 500 bucks to come with us."

The men offer money to get the girls in the bus.

The young women flash their breasts, and what follows is hardcore pornography that usually comes to a demeaning end with the men leaving or dumping the women on the side of the road.

Woman: "Wait. Wait. Wait! I forgot my bag. (Men drive off laughing.)

All the video was shot, produced and distributed by a Miami company called Ox Ideas. The company has at least 10 Internet pornography sites and lists Miami officers on upscale Brickell Avenue at the mouth of the Miami River, along with a warehouse on Northwest 24th Street.

Local 10's calls to the company were never returned.

Local 10 producer Michaela Mitzel became our mole. She responded to ads in alternative newspapers, called the company directly and eventually got a call back from a guy who identified himself as Olivier Caudron, a producer with Ox Ideas.

He asked Mitzel to come to their "shoot house" in a high-end area of Alton Road.

Over the course of three days Local 10 watched several young men come and go at that house.

Mitzel agreed to meet Caudron at a more public location.

Local 10 used a hidden camera while Caudron offered up plenty of information.

He said primarily the company is Internet-based and the video is seen worldwide. He estimated that conservatively they get about 100,000 hits a day.

Caudron told Mitzel that everyone on camera must sign a contract that hands the company the rights to the pornographic images.

He said the shoot itself takes anywhere between four to five hours with the actual act of having sex taking only 25 minutes.

So what's the pay for having sex on camera?

He said the pay for having sex on camera was $700 that would be in cash after the shoot.

So, what about video that shows the bus picking up women on the side of the road and dumping them when the sex is finished?

Mitzel said, "The whole scenario is staged. It's all acting, contrary to what you and I believe."

So is it misleading? Most likely -- but that doesn't mean it's illegal. And it is big business.

Internet pornography became a $2.5 billion industry last year.

More and more it's being shot in South Florida.

After Local 10's repeated calls to Ox Ideas that were not returned, we decided to track down the producer on our own.

Lorch: "Olivier, how are you? Matt Lorch with Local 10 News. I'm hoping we can have some of your time since your company won't call us back.

Caudron: "I don't have a company."

Lorch: "You don't have a company? You don't work for Ox Ideas?"

Caudron: "No, I don't.

Lorch: "That's what you've been telling our producers."

Lorch: "Do you think what you do exploits women?"

Caudron: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Lorch: "The conversation you had with our producer named Michaela."

So Lorch refreshed his memory about the details of their conversation.

Caudron: "I have nothing to say to you. I don't know what you're talking about."

After dodging Lorch's questions, Caudron hopped in his SUV, not willing to talk about his trade.

On the Web site's warning page, it does say the actions are intended for the world of fantasy and that all performers are over the age of 18.

But Local 10 wanted to know if it is legal to have sex while rolling down a public street.

In Part II, we take the video to the police to get answers.

Watch Local 10 News at 11 p.m. for more, and check back with local10.com on Thursday.

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