Shootings of the new full-length feature film In Search of t.A.T.u. will start soon. In film stage Nine of Mosfilm building of sceneries to the film is in full swing. This will be a musical drama after the novel T.A.T.u. Come Back by A.Mitrofanov.

The film plot may be interesting for young audience in the first place: the leading character Jennie Sawyer is a nice sixteen-or-seventeen-year-old American girl. She has been living in Moscow for a year, and she has no friends here. Owing to her enthusiasm for t.A.T.u. group in chat Jennie becomes acquainted with Lana Starkova, a Russian girl the same age from a little provincial town. The girls meet in Moscow so that to go together to the concert of their favourite group and find themselves in the vortex of incredible events.  They are in for the “looking-glass back land” of night life with all its glory and danger, adventures on the verge of a fairy tale and a nightmare, testing of their friendship and staying power. In spite of many conflicts, betrayals and disappointments the girls will be able to give up false values and to display new feelings and talents.

Frankness, creative manner and love will bring Jennie and Lana to t.A.T.u. group and then to realization of their dreams about changes for the better life. The story comes to the brilliant happy end, the grand performance before audience large in number. According to the film authors, spectators will see many unexpected plot turns, bright characters, sticking to the memory and naturally a lot of music. T.A.T.u. group will present several new songs in this project, not to mention that the duet members Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina will act parts of themselves in the film.

The RAMCO Cinema Company, which specializes in production of full-length feature films for the world market using the “foreign production” practice on the Mosfilm Cinema Concern production base, engaged the well-known British film director and script writer Roland Joffe  (Vatel – 2000, The Scarlet Letter – 1995, The Mission – 1987).

Vassily Vnukov
Translated by L.Erashova

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