152/RA67 Mfo. 105/5-5-1611Contract of Sale

Parties:Jean de Lalaing, Leyden;

Sale of the house De Groene Poort on the southside of the Pieterskerkhof near the Kloksteeg in Leyden to John Robinson, pastor of the English Church in Leyden, William Jepson, Henry Wood and Randall Thickins, husband of Jane White, each for a quarter share.The purchase price is eight thousand guilders.Of this amount two thousand guilders has been paid in cash. For the remainder the seller has granted a mortgage loan which will be paid off in annual installments of five hundred guilders, starting on May 1, 1612. Party promises indemnification except for the ground rent of eleven stivers and twelve pence which is due to the squire of Poelgeest.On the eastside the house is adjacent to a house of party in De Groene Poort which is not included in the sale, to the house of Willem Symonsz. van der Wilde, and to the house of the Knight of the Teutonic Order, and on the westside, respectively, to property belonging to the widow and heirs of Huych van Alckemade, to party himself, to the Donkeregracht and to premises reaching from the Pieterskerkhof to the Faliede Begijnhof.

Witnesses: none

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