In Brief

Coup order

PHAEDON Gizikis, the former Greek president during the 1967-74 Junta, revealed in a weekend interview with the Athens daily Eleftheros Typos that he had given the order for a coup in Cyprus to overthrow the island's leader Archbishop Makarios in July 1974. Cyprus government spokesman Manolis Chrystofidis yesterday condemned Gizikis adding that "it would be better if the former president kept quiet." A former Makarios associate, Patroklos Stavrou, yesterday called on Gizikis to commit suicide.

UN plea

THE UNITED Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) announced yesterday that 11 of the 310 mainly Kurdish refugees found aboard the blacked-out cargo ship Sokol last week are unaccompanied children from Turkey. The agency said it was trying to bring these children into contact with their relatives.

Abuse arrest

A 17-YEAR-OLD Albanian man is being held in Ioannina after an Albanian woman claimed that he had sexually abused her son, aged 7. The man was arrested in the nearby town of Metsovo.

Strike threat

THE NATIONAL Teachers Union (OLME) yesterday threatened renewed strike action at the start of the new school year in September, arguing that it had been left in the dark by Education Minister Gerasimos Arsenis over sweeping school reforms due to go into effect this year. Earlier this year, OLME staged a two-month strike to press demands for better pay and working conditions.

Attackers caught

THREE Georgians have been arrested in Kilkis, near the Bulgarian border, accused of brutally assaulting a Romanian family, raping one woman and killing one man. The victims have identified the Georgians as the attackers.

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