Tuesday, Jul 3rd 2007 by Chris Scott Barr

After much speculation on whether or not there will be any bonus tracks for the Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80’s expansion, I decided to contact Red Octane to find out the scoop.

Guitar Hero 80s

They didn’t go into detail, but they did confirm that “there are no plans at this time to release any bonus tracks for Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s.” I suspected as much, as the Limozeen track was announced alongside other main tracks and I would have guessed it to be a bonus track, since Trogdor was reserved for a bonus track on Guitar Hero II.

I’m really not surprised that they aren’t releasing bonus tracks since the entire game is basically a set of bonus tracks. They just happen to all be from more famous bands than we’re used to seeing. Just 3 more weeks to go, are you ready to rock?

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  1. Tommy View all comments by Tommy

    Ok so there has been 3 guitar heros now and NONE of them have any AC DC..that is just ridiculous..i mean they ARE the king of Rock..They need to get some AC DC

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  2. Casey View all comments by Casey


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  3. steve View all comments by steve

    i feel very ripped off with guitar hero 80’s true guitar heros are people like van halen joe satriani eric johnson and of course ac/dc, not bands like the vapors 97% of the songs on this game are CRAP! the makers of this game need to PULL THEIR HEADS IN if they’re going to release guitar hero 4

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  4. thats why i rented it instead of buying. 3 hours in and we have 3 songs to go.

    if im going to buy one, it has to have songs i want to play over and over again, and please, not soo easy.

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