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We are the Lorien Trust and we run fantasy live role playing events throughout the United Kingdom.

Fantasy live role playing was created when a group of role players wondered what it would be like to actually play their table top roleplay characters for real. The idea quickly took hold and plans were set in motion to try this out. In 1982 a club called Treasure Trap opened, operating from Peckforton Castle, a 19th century mock castle in Cheshire. This club founded most of the basic concepts and ideas still used in live role playing today. During the four years of Treasure Trapís existence, many players who attended Peckforton started up their own clubs around the country. These clubs continued to expand and some are still running today. Although each club or company has its own set of rules, most of them are based on the same underlying principles.

In Britain there is now a wide variety styles of live role playing events available. These include low fantasy, modern horror, Vampire, sci-fi and High fantasies such as ourselves, the Lorien Trust. These events last from a few hours linear adventure or tavern night to full weekend themed events.

We run large scale battle and theme weekends through out the year. We also run a system of sanctioned events. This system allows smaller, subsidiary events to take place using the Lorien Trustís rules system, game world and campaign. Any club, group or organisation may run a sanctioned event, provided they gain permission to use the rules system, game world and campaign for their event from the Lorien Trust.

The Lorien Trust has been running the largest Live Action Role Playing (LARP) events in Europe since 1992, using the game world of Erdreja. A multi factional, high fantasy/ medieval style, world of conflict and diplomacy, on a egg shaped world. The main event each year is the Gathering which sees the largest live action battles in Europe with over 1200 players on each side.

Live role playing can provide a means of expressing your imagination in ways that are not available in ordinary life. In moderation, this chance to step beyond the bounds of everyday reality enhances everyoneís enjoyment of the game.

Live role playing is the chance to meet hundreds of new people from all walks of life and age groups. Currently the youngest registered player in the Lorien Trust system is under 2 years old, while the oldest is well over 60! People who live role play come from all walks of life - teachers, soldiers, students, doctors, I.T. professionals and the police to name a few. You don’t need to have acting experience, you don’t need to know much about role playing. You just need to come along.

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