USNA graduates of Hispanic descent
Class of 1879 - 1959 | Class of 1960 - Present (Flag Rank)

Rear Admiral Henry F. Herrera, USN – USNA Class of 1966.  Hails from Miami Springs, Florida, he was the commanding officer of two fleet ballistic missile submarines, the President of the Board of Inspection and Survey, the Commander of Submarine Group NINE, and the Director, C41 Systems (J-6), U.S. Strategic Command.

Rear Admiral Marc Y.E. Pelaez, USN – USNA Class of 1968.  He was commanding officer of nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Sunfish (SSN 649), director of submarine technology at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and Chief of the Office of Naval Research. 

Rear Admiral George Mayer, USN – USNA Class of 1975. 

Rear Admiral Jay A. DeLoach, USN – USNA Class of 1978.


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Last Updated: 27-Feb-2007