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Press Articles - Ability Office

PC Plus July 1998 (extracts)

"Ability Office 98"

A professional office suite... [for under £50?]... No, it's not a joke. And neither, as Rod Lawton discovers, is the software...

"Until now the office suite market has been fairly easy to figure out. If you need professional tools, go for Microsoft Office, WordPerfect Suite or SmartSuite. If you need something simpler, choose Microsoft Works or ClarisWorks. All of a sudden, though, things aren't that simple - and it's all down to Ability Office 98."

"The Ability suite is a fully 32-bit application ... consists of four separate applications that share lots of common code and are very well integrated."

"The big news, though, is the price point and the distribution method."

"One of the cleverest things in Ability Office 98 is the way you can link fields between text documents, spreadsheets and databases."

"Ability Database 98 is an unmissable opportunity to sample full-scale relational power at a rock-bottom price."

Verdict (marks out of 10)
Range of Features 9
Overall Speed 8
Ease of Use 7
Documentation 8
Value for Money 10
Overall 8/10
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