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Mardi,21 Novembre , 2006 à 18:20 UTC

Nevrax : The latest update on the ongoing situation par Marjo
To keep you in the loop with what is happening in Paris here is the latest.

The situation here as you know is that Nevrax as a corporate entity will probably cease to exist in a few weeks. It is not up to Nevrax to decide the exact date, which is why we can't be more specific right now. Discussions are ongoing with various creditors so you may see "news" stories appearing here and there about Nevrax going under, but you will still hear all the facts here first.

In the meantime, Ryzom will continue to run and evolve. Right now we are happy that several companies and/or individuals are actively engaged in negotiations to take over Ryzom. Again we can't tell you more at this moment as these negotiations have to be carried out privately.

We've opened a thread in the account support section to answer your concerns regarding your account. Click here for more information.


Posté par pahya le Mercredi,22 Novembre , 2006 à 01:02 UTC

I hope very much that instead of going simply to highest bidder that Neverax conciders the world they've created and the fans they hold in the decision of who to turn the game over too. I've only played for a short time, but I'm very sad (and frightened frankly) to see this happening. I hope that the world I've come to love so much doesn't not get the treatment that so many other games have seen upon change of ownership.

Some thoughts

Posté par rheda le Mercredi,22 Novembre , 2006 à 12:38 UTC

imho, I don't thnk it's time for fears or complains, but to celebrate for what has been such a wonderful project at least until today.. I don't think it's the end, of course, but I think it would be good to find a day to celebrate Nevrax team nice work on Ryzom. Something like a last IRL to say good bye to you guys.
What do you think?

On another hand, I'd like to expose a suggestion... it would be great to know that if Nevrax doesn't find any acceptable offers for Ryzom's future, you will at least consider the possibility of making the source code available so that in the worst case, we can continue to see this game persist on a community-driven basis. I know this is by far much more complex than 3 lines of text on a post, and that for sure there'll be many interested companies in continuing the project... but as I said, just in case.

Best Wishes

Posté par citsade le Jeudi,23 Novembre , 2006 à 21:22 UTC

I hope everyone at Nevrax does well in the future, as they are awesome enough to make an mmorpg that breaks the mold.  To this I say, thank you, VERY MUCH.  If you guys can, stay on this project in some way!  It would be a sad event to lose your influence upon this world that you created.  Because so far, I have yet to be disappointed.  I send you all my best wishes.

Best of luck!

Posté par gretchen le Samedi,25 Novembre , 2006 à 05:36 UTC

This is such a good game and the players love it so, and the CSRs are so fantastic, I surely wish all good luck in these negotiations.  Anyone but SOE!

Missing the point

Posté par andrecyr le Mardi,28 Novembre , 2006 à 21:48 UTC

Hmm. I think some of you still don't get it.

Nevrax is not negotiating with anybody any more. Nevrax is basically gone.

The "Receiver" is the one negotiating, and the only thing he is concerned about -is- getting the highest price for the sale of Ryzom, -if- he can sell it. On the positive side, rumours are there -are- potential buyers.

The concern now is -who- will buy Ryzom and what they will do with it. Possibilities range from someone who will invest heavily and continue the game the way it was intended, to someone with no development staff who simply wants to buy Ryzom cheaply and milk the players until everyone leaves in disgust. :p

All we can do now is wait and see.

Either A or B is fine with me :)

Posté par ummax le Mardi,28 Novembre , 2006 à 22:58 UTC

Yes unfortunately receivership means that someone strictly interested in the amount of money that can be obtained by the sale of Ryzom in a specified amount of time is involved.  Sadly Nevrax is gone, but we need to remember servers have been set to free for 1 month which for me is a peculiar number.  It says to me that they


1) expect the thing to be sold

2) it might possibly be done in a month

In either case even if they wanna milk me till I leave hehe this is a great game as is and as long as they keep it running I will stick around for quite awhile yet.  Of course it would be preferable if a company who wants to take Ryzom and the planet of Atys into the future bought it, but right now I just dont want it to die. 

Anhow it looks like we find out in about 30 days hehe so we dont have to hold our breath for long thankfully :)

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