Multi-role Armoured Vehicle

The iKlwa multi-role armoured vehicle stems from the famous and combat proven Ratel ICV and is designed for the challenges of asymmetric warfare. The design is such that iKlwa can be manufactured as a new built vehicle or existing Ratel ICVs can be converted to iKlwa ensuring a cost effective solution to current owners of Ratel ICVs.

The primary role is that of an armoured personnel carrier armed with 12,7mm heavy machine gun and a crew capacity of a driver plus 15 fully equipped soldiers. The design is such that the vehicle configuration can be changed in an unit workshop with a 6 ton overhead crane capacity to configurations like infantry combat vehicle, fire support vehicle, ambulance, command vehicle, anti-tank guided missile vehicle or even a sophisticated cavalry vehicle fitted with a multi system turret.

The armament of the multi system turret consists of a 30 or 35mm cannon, anti-tank guided missile launcher plus a 40mm automatic grenade launcher or 7,62mm light machine gun. The high payload capacity allows for uparmouring the ballistic protection from the standard STANAG 1 to STANAG 3 or even STANAG 4 in selected areas.