hey you.
smack dab right in the middle of this unusually warm summer, we're back with an update. ok, where to begin... ah, let's do a list, yeah?

1) rad little tour lined up for september and october that covers the parts of the country we didn't hit on the june tour (namely anything not in the northeast). coming out with us this time will be whole wheat bread (encore!) and bedouin soundclash, two awesome bands. a good time is guaranteed to be had by all.

2) dates for the next manifesto tour to cover the old world (yes, that means europe) will be up in the next few days. we can say, however, that the dates are from october 18th through november 23rd, starting in germany and ending in the uk. hopefully more than half the band will be able to make it this time ;-)

3) the summer is going great for us, thanks for asking. we're busy taking care of some non-sm stuff here and there, preparing for more sm-related stuff very soon. we've been going on and on about new stuff planned and planned and postponed and postponed, and we know that's become the sm way, but we want you to know that many things are indeed in the works, and that these things will see the light of day soon. scout's honor.

4) we hope you're having a pleasant summer as well.

5) also, wanted to mention a few firsts coming up on the next tour: 1) show in salt lake city (we've had a freakishly bizarre series of events that always prevented us from playing there) (and to that kid that keeps writing in, cursing us off for hating his city, calm down kid, take your ritalin, we're on the way) 2) our first show in washington dc (finally)

6) we weren't going to play jersey on this tour since we did last tour, but we couldn't resist. we're super excited to be returning to the starland ballroom in october. we tend to do a bunch of touring, then take time off to work on, uhm, "stuff", then return etc, so we couldn't leave for the winter without playing home.

that be it. later



heyo! so we're back from ewe-rope, and a blast was had by all, minus the ridiculous amount of difficulties associated with a band's first foray overseas. we made it though, and have many battle scars to boot. we had such a great time in fact and the shows went over so well, that we're planning a grand return to the continent later this year! how's, oh, november sound for you european types? it's a date.

so the dates are up for our three week northeast american (and canadian) tour with gym class heroes and whole wheat bread. as for the rest of the country, fear not, we'll be seeing you a bit later, in the very beginning of the fall. this tour is special to us as it's the last tour we'll be doing supporting our first record. once the second record comes out, we of course will be playing less material from "numb", so if you want to see most of this record performed live by the sm boys, come out and hang with us in june, as it'll be your last chance. it will also be your last chance to see us live for a while, as we're heading off, off to hide in a dark studio somewhere and do what we do second best: record new music. so buy your tickets in advance, a good number of these shows will sell out and then you have no right to complain to us, as we warned you. most of the dates on our shows page have links so you can buy your tickets in advance online. we hope to see you at the shows!

hmm, what else. oh, we've been getting a ridiculous amount of mail from australia recently. if this keeps up, we'll have to look into heading down under (and if we're headed that way, you japanese streetlight fans know you'll be getting some sm action as well ;-) stay tuned for developments.

and lastly, it is with great fanfare that we'd like to introduce to you all the newest member of the streetlight family. mr mike brown has been touring with us for over a month now, so he hardly seems new to us, but he was never properly introduced to you all. the baltimore show will be his first ever u.s. streetlight appearance, so be sure to give him a hearty home-country welcome.

we'll be back with another update or two before we leave for the june tour, so keep it here!


europe update

so, please excuse the massive amount of time that's passed since the last news update, things have been... let's just say hectic.

here's the low-down:

we've been reduced from a 7 piece to a 5 piece for the majority of the european tour. turns out that delano, being a jamaican resident coundn't board the plane with us without a visa. a week and a half later (with us playing shows trumpet-less) he arrives in london, only to find out he needed visas for the rest of mainland europe, which were only available in nyc. so he left after the last uk date, 3 days after he arrived. great.

jim had to leave the tour about a week into it for a family emergency, the most serious kind. he won't be able to finish this tour but he'll be back in full effect come june. needless to say it's been so difficult to play with only half of our horn section. anyone that's been to a sm show knows how important our horns are to our sound. with only 2 low-range horns left, our live sound is relatively compromised, but the shows will go on and the people coming out to check us out have made up for all the tragedy.

this tour has been such an adventure for us all, despite all the setbacks. we've had no records to sell and have had no tour support from our label due to a long-standing, yet now worked out spat. despite the issues, we've been hung out to dry financially and this tour will set us back substantially. ah, the life of rock stars.

on top of all this, we've had every other thing possible thing go wrong with the exception of the shows. we've had equipment issues since day one, have been playing mostly on borrowed stuff, a guitar was broken in half, there was a car accident, etc etc

funniest moment of the tour was this, so far: today we played the deconstruction tour in trier, germany. we got into town in the middle of the night and couldn't find a single place to sleep so we ended up sleeping in and around (our driver slept literally under) our van. when we woke, we were surrounded by the posh tour busses of all the bands we would share the stage with throughout the day. talk about a fish out of water.

despite all this, the shows have been great. literally a blessing. phineas gage were the coolest group of guys we could've ended up with, much love to them. we've had a grand ol' tiem so far and plan on coming back to the continent later this year.

as for the states (and canada!), we're hitting the road after 2 weeks off, for a 3 week june tour of the northeast. after that tour, we're going into hiding for a bit, but when we return, we'll have something special for you ;-)

ok, time to sign off. stay tuned for more details.


haven't left and we're already back

hi everyone.

first off, we'd like to thank you all for your kind words and support regarding our recent medical emergencies. some of the cancelled shows will be rescheduled into our june tour; a few can't be because of geography (renner!), but we'll see you all soon, scout's honor.

the big news now is the announcement of who we're hitting the road with in june. we're all super hyped to be going out with two bands as eclectic and different from sm as gym class heroes and whole wheat bread. check them out, both great bands. the june tour will run from around june first to june eighteenth and will hit most of the northeast (plus about 4 or 5 shows in canada). stay tuned for details.

as for europe, everything is going well and we should have more details up in a day or so. we were lucky enough to be added to a show on the deconstruction tour in trier, germany. we're playing in an arena. an arena. us. in an arena. weird. (!!!)

ok, i guess that's it for now. stay tuned for more details to everything mentioned above, plus the introduction of our new bari player very soon (you didn't think we could go on with a "standard" horn section, did you?)

take care. (arena!) ;-)


so then that happened...

it's 8:55 am and we're somewhere in nebraska, headed home. we've been driving all night and will continue to do so until we reach new jersey. one of our guys is on a plane headed home right now.

due to an urgent family crisis concerning one of us, we've had to cancel the last 5 dates of this tour (the non-"ska is dead" dates that were supposed to get us back home). we hope those of you who had planned on attending the shows understand. this is the third medical emergency concerning family members on this tour alone (two of which were ours) and we obviously place the lives of those we love ahead of anything else.

in addition to this current misfortune, we have to also say goodbye to one of the founding members of streetlight manifesto, dan ross. dan was on his last tour with us before he was to jump head first into the working world, and this tour was bittersweet for us all in that we knew it'd be the last time we shared a stage with him. medical emergency #2 occured and he had to pull out early to take care of a family member in need, hence our last few shows we played with a 3 piece horn section and quickly reworked harmony vocals. we wish dan the best in everything he does and pursues.

besides the 3 terrible events over the last few weeks, we'd like to announce that we had the time of our lives playing with bands as fine as voodoo glow skulls and mu330 these last two months. this tour was a blast in so many ways, and it couldn't have happened the way it did without the love eminating from the stage, as well as from the audience, every night. we hope those of you that made it out to the shows enjoyed them as much as we all did.

as for what's next for the manifesto: some time off from touring to regroup, take care of things at home, rehearse, and then it's off to the airport: europe, here we come! we are excited beyond words about this upcoming tour, as well as for the northeast jaunt we have planned for june. for all you british sm fans, keep an eye out for a streetlight feature in big cheese magazine, who is also sponsoring the tour.

as usual, we have so much planned for the near future, keep checking back here for details. once again, we apologize for the cancelled shows and we thank you in advance for your support and understanding. take care.


tiggity tour iggitty update

hey everyone, just a quick hello from the road.
the shows have been absolutely amazing, in every way. a majority of the shows have been sold out so please get your tickets in advance, especially for the second half of the tour, as we won't be hitting up the left half of america for some time after this jaunt.

we're having an absolutely perfect time on stage and off, and i think it's unanimous that this tour is a the best thing this band has done yet.

word on the (european) streets is that the european shows we have lined up for april and may are doing well in presales and many of them are expected to sell out, so once again, please buy your tickets in advance. more on that tour soon...

as for our near future, we're lining up a short northeast headlining tour (including canada!) for june. after that we're taking some time to get some recording done, for both streetlight and other projects ;-) then it's back on the road, with new material and renewed rock. we have lots and lots of things lined up, so stay tuned, as this is just the beginning. soonspeak.


a quickie (edit)

just a quick note to tell you two things:

the rowan show is, in fact, free to all, as long as you have at least one rowan student with your group.

we just added a ska is dead show to our shows page, february first in milwaukee at mad planet. sorry for the confusion.




on the eve of.... (fill in the blank)
so we're off for a nice, long tour again. ska is dead 2005 awaits, with voodooglow skulls, mu330 and your humble narrators on board for nearly 2 months of rocking. a few of us grew up with both these bands in our cd collections, so this is rad for us.

final dates will be posted in the next few days, as well as more details for our european tour. there'll be more dates in north america shortly after our return from overseas including a spot on this year's skate and surf fest, so keep an eye out for that. canada, this means you too ;-)

in sadder news, we once again have to bid farewell to a longtime friend and band member. jamie egan, trumpetist extraordinaire is leaving the band to be with his family. jamie had a hard time with his decision, as he absolutely loved doing what he did on stage and he will miss you all. it came down to a hard decision for him, with a life of touring on one side and his kids and career as a teacher on the other. obviously no one can blame him for choosing family over rock. make sure to slap his ass if you see him at school or out and about. although he won't be touring with us, he'll be part of the sm family for good and don't be surprised if he pops up from time to time.

accepting the trumpet baton from jamie will be delano bonner, who'll be on the road with us for the next few tours. make sure to welcome him to the world of streetlight when you see us live.

well, that's about it for now. once again, we are all so unbelievably psyched for the upcoming tours and we cannot wait to get back on the stage after a few months off. see you at the shows!


streetlight, newstand. newstand, streetlight. please behave.

so in what is to date the most surreal development in the ever-interesting (at least to us) soap opera that is this band's existence, it looks like we'll be getting some rock star treatment: for the first time ever, streetlight's mugs will be gracing the pages of a national music magazine. yeah, seriously. stop laughing. seriously.

turns out alternative press is featuring us as one of their "need to know" bands in their "100 bands you need to know" issue. its the march 2005 issue, but it hits newsands on february 5th. good luck finding one in the northeast, as all the streetlight members will probably buy out all the copies in stores to show future grandchildren and prospective lays.

here's the cool part:
we took a rather interesting band photo for the magazine, and if they do indeed run this particular photo, we can guarantee that you will all witness the largest pussy to ever grace the pages of AP or any other music mag. ever. seriously, it's huge.

in other news, all the sm boys are beyond anxious to hit the road in a month with the voodoo glow skulls and mu330 on the ska is dead II tour. we haven't played out in a while and we're dying to do so. this should be a great tour: if not our best, at least our second best ;-)

by the time you read this, the shows page will probably be updated with most of the ska is dead show dates as well as some tentative routing for our upcoming european tour.

and to our much beloved canadians:
before you start with the "why are you comming not in montreal?" emails, rest assured we will be seeing you in the first half of 2005, somehow. we would never leave you out, you guys rock.

so that's it for now. check back soon, shit's about to go down, son!


hi, ahoj, guten tag, bonjour, etc etc

hey all, just a quick note to let you know that the contact info for our european booking agent is up on our contact page. please only contact them if you are a promoter or otherwise someone who has experience bringing bands to your town. some of the tour is booked already (and dates will start being posted very soon), but it's not too late to chime in and demand your fix of sm. less than a month til 2005, hope youre all ready for a good year. wa wa wee wa!


here is we come

sooooooooooooooooooo hope you're not doing anything between february first and march seventeenth of the year two thousand and five. if you have plans, you'll either have to cancel or miss us on the 'ska is dead 2005' tour with voodoo glow skulls and mu330. that's right ladies and gents, our big winter tour has been put in a blender with the dead tour (started last year to much success) and we're taking on the whole country (more or less). we'll be co-headlining the thing with voodoo and we're damn well excited, believe you us. stay tuned for more details as things are ironed out, we'll post as soon as we have confirmed dates and whatnot. or you can head over to the ska is dead forum and be really mean to one another ;-)

of nearly equal importance and excitement (for us at least), we're also announcing our first ever foray overseas. the streetlight gang will be hitting the shores of england in mid april, then continuing, robbing and pillaging our way onto mainland europe and showing you all how we do what we do for a solid month. amsterdam, beware! hide the whores, we're bringing a knowles!

so that's it for now, but stay very tuned for massive dates updates and more details as we get them. we have much much more planned for 2005 and believe you me when i say this is the tip of the iceberg.



sa da tay

we're busy. busybusybusybusybusy. busy.


* we're psyched to announce that our "temporary bass fill in", chris paszik (of one cool guy, buicks to the moon and botar fame) has joined us for the long haul. everyone make sure to say hello to chris and wish him luck rocking with us.

* things are going to seem a bit slow for a bit (from your end; trust us, we're kicking like ducks under the surface on our end), but we have a lotlotlot in store for you all. and when we say "all", we're not just referring to our north american friends and fans. stay tuned everyone ;-)

* that being said, our north american peeps will have reason to smile soon as well.

* 2005 will bring a new chapter in the sm book. big news on the way, only to be followed by bigger, weirder news. you'll see. you will. and then you'll be all "...whoa...weird"

until next time



hi guys, the following is very esoteric, be forewarned:
(thank you, knowles, for the vocabulary word)

the whole "2" debacle is half truth, half fiction. very few people know what actually is going down and those people, ironically, are the only ones keeping quiet. people will speculate and talk trash regardless, so be it. at the end of the day, we're simply doing something we believe in, a part of a whole that won't be entirely unveiled for quite some time. everyone sit tight, it'll all come together eventually, then you can judge.

this we can tell you:
a) there are no numbers involved. don't even ask how that happened, it's ridiculous

b) no new songs, really. but you'll be surprised, hopefully pleasantly.

c) we're doing this to prevent you from spending money unnecessarily. you'll understand that soon as well.

d) trust us. we try to do the right thing as much as possible, and our number one priority, as always, is the music.

i guess that about covers it, for now. pay attention, things will be announced when they're announced. and, as we learned over the last few days, never trust ANYONE'S news regarding sm unless you hear it here.


we made it! (kind of)

hello again all!
so we survived our first national summer tour and had a blast in the process. big d and the kid's table are now close friends of ours and we had great times, running around this lovely country causing mayhem and destruction.
there'll definitely be more updates regarding the specifics of the tour and we have hours and hours of hilarious video footage to remind us of all the good times, but the highlight of the whole thing had to be our homecoming show at the starland ballroom. you guys (our home crowd) are unbelievable. thank you thank you thank you.

it is with a heavy heart that we bring you this next piece of news, though: as of the stone pony show, josh ansley will no longer be performing with us as a member of streetlight. he's left the band and is moving on to pursue other goals. we wish him the best and will miss him and his bass wizardry. there'll be a temp bassist filling in for a bit while we look for a full time touring bassist to join our little family.

so, we have a show at one of our favorite places in the world this weekend, the stone pony in asbury park, nj. it'll be our last show for a bit, while we regroup and prepare for a future filled with touring and recording.

see you all on sunday!


hey you

so this is just a quick little note to let you know that we're on the road and having an absolute blast with all of you coming out to the shows. check the shows page for updates, as a few shows have been added/updated. we have plenty more updates, hopefully i'll get to that tonight in the hotel room if there's a free minute or two. stay tuned to this site from here on in, if you will, much to come ;-)



tour flyer download, y'all

hey there. if you want to help us out on our tour this summer, print out a few hundred of these and slap them up anywhere you please, please.

it's the standard sm tour poster, only b&w and shrunk down so you can print it on a standard size piece of paper.

or just put it up on your wall. whatever. we don't care, either way. so there. yeah, that's what we thought. wuss.

click here to download it


this, that and the other

a quick note to let you know that a number of new shows have been posted for our as-yet-untitled north american tour. if things go according to plan, there'll be a nice little surprise at the end of the run, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. please be aware that this is our first time hitting almost all of these areas so we don't have as much pull with promoters/etc yet. therefore, we had to change some of the itinerary, shift some cities around etc. do your best to come to the shows nearest you and we'll do our best to come back to your town next time around.

also, the summer of ska show has been cancelled for one reason or another, but fret not, we will be hitting up the l.a. area nonetheless.

if you find better links for the clubs we're playing than the ones that are up now, or if you find a "buy tickets" link to a show we're playing that isn't up on our shows page, drop us an email and we'll fix that up.


booking streetlight, foo

hey guys, just a quick note regarding bringing sm to your area: bug the promoters and club owners of the clubs near you, as calling or emailing our booking agent with contact info for clubs won't do much (he's obviously familiar with the clubs, it's proving to the promoters that sm would do well there that is the real issue)

if you are, indeed, a promoter looking to book us, feel free to contact hit source. thanks again, tee tee why ell


hip hop hooray, hoes

so here's the cat, recently freed from its bag:
we'll be hitting the continental united states of america later this summer. hard.

we've posted the first leg of our national tour on the shows page, with much much more to come.
what's not posted yet is either in the process of being confirmed or not booked yet. that means if you know of a club near you that would be a nice place for us to play and if there are a decent number of sm fans in your area, give a shout to our booking agent at hit source booking

(yes, we know, and we appreciate the irony as well.)

other than that, be sure to stay tuned to this site over the next few days/weeks for more updates regarding dates and whatnot. also, if you haven't bought your tickets for krome, do so asap, as the rumors are that it might just sell out. we won't be playing nj for quite some time because of the size of this tour so if you want to see us in nj this summer, you should definitely meet up with us at krome in june. see you all soon, quite literally this time.


let's not all shit ourselves

ok fine, i get it, it's been a while. but if there's one thing that's lame it's bands that are like "we had a great practice today" and "i tried the new arby's salad today, it was awesome" and whatnot. so we're going entirely in the other direction, not posting anything at all, especially not the important stuff.

for the whiners, the stuff you missed since the last news update:
1) we did our first national tour. for those that came out, thanks for the support, we had a great time
2) we were signed by a major label and, consequently, fired our horn section (except for jamie, we kept him as our official "scream like a tourette's patient while pointing a trumpet menacingly at innocent fans" guy)
3) i realized i was not nearly as witty as previosly believed (by me). this was discovered around #2 (see above)

defeated, i present to you some real news:
we are playing the Summer of Ska festival this summer in Cali. stay tuned for details.
...um, there's so much more, but to tell you all now would be so un-streetlight of us, so we're keeping quiet for a moment or two

or three.

stay tuned

ps, if you live in jersey and want to see us, you really should pick up a ticket to krome asap as we won't be playing nj again for a while and it might sell out

one more thing: i really did have an arby's salad today, and it really was awesome. god i'm lame. later.


a quickie

soooooooo boston was rad but surreal at the same time. look for a rant with the whole scoop soon.

also, our "secret last minute" show is posted on our shows page (the downtown, long island, march 3rd etc)

once again, please buy your tickets in advance as we've been getting in trouble with selling out shows (ie getting banned from clubs and the such)

like i said, full story to follow. funny shit.

see you guys at the knitting factory


hey you!

a quick hello and a reminder that you should buy your tickets to the shows in advance. the knitting factory show is nearly sold out (a handful of tickets left so go get them now, if you plan on coming).

also, regarding the recent movie quiz in the mass email thing: too many people replied at once, so we need to thin the herd a bit (as well as up the ante):

which musician samples the quote in question in one of his tunes. this is for a patch and a tshirt. go!go!go!


bring on the hate mail

sooooo, some of you may be wondering where the washington dc and chicago shows went on our shows page. they went away. and they're not coming back, not this time around. truth is, we don't have a booking agent and getting the shows for this tour confirmed has been a walk in the park. a walk in a park that happens to be in downtown hell. it seems all the eligible clubs in those two cities just don't like us. unfortunately the fine people that wanted to see us do our thing lose out and there's not really anything we can do about it but hope to have more luck or pull or whatever next time around. a million apologies and we will be seeing you soon, eventually.

in other news, we are going to be on a part of an awesome tour in apr-... oh, nevermind, we've been removed. but don't worry it was for a noble and honest reason.

here's soemthing to cheer us all up:

lastly, all of us in sm are super psyched for the shows we have coming up this month and in march. we look forward to rocking with you all and we have a few surprises up our sleeves so pay close attention...


hey you

so some of the tour dates have a few more details to 'em plus a link or two for advance ticket purchasing, if that's your thing. check the shows page, if you'd be so kind.

a quick note regarding the boston show: we accidentally did something we decided early on to avoid as much as possible: it's not an all ages show. it's 18 and up. we had no idea while we were booking that this was the case and didn't realize it until fans brought it up. we're sorry about this and we promise to be more careful and observant next time (especially in boston, to make it up to the fine folks who won't be able to attend due to our negligence). once again, all apologies.

so i guess that's it for now. stay tuned for more info regarding future shows, updates and the launch of our online merch store. and, we might actually use the mailing list soon. or maybe not. probably not. but maybe. nevermind.


oh the humor of it all

hey guys. so the cat's been let out of the proverbial bag (empress ballroom and all that) so we thought it wise to post the current state of our february tour as is. the first four shows listed on the shows page are confirmed and links will be up shortly about where to buy tickets online. the rest are being worked on, so the details (date, venue and maybe their very existence) may change over the next few days. stay tuned and we'll let you know things as they come up.

also there has been a little drama on the web regarding whether or not we'll be playing shows regularly and/or touring (as well as some other inane declarations and assumptions). please ignore people who claim to know anything about the inner workings of this here band if they're not actually in the band. we won't tell you anything about other bands and assume to know their plans so take others' attempts at face value. there is more than enough room for everyone to have a good time and we plan on doing so despite nay-sayers and whatnot. peace, love, empathy, you know the drill.

that being said, i think it can be safely said that the sm guys are happy as pigs in shit to be playing for you guys in february. ok, i need to go now (i'm mooching the library's internet connection, but stay tuned for updates and have a good one. g'night.


quick note:

mailing list has been fixed. maybe someday we'll actually use it.



1) our hosting company f'ed up our mailing list so it's been taken down temporarily, since i have no time to fix the situation at this moment and it wasn't registering new subscribers.

B) if you have pics of the sm boys doing their thang onstage, let us know and we might just use your photos on our site (giving you credit of course). please don't send attachments, try to upload them somewhere and send in the link (we're trying to stay online despite transfer restrictions)

III) yes we know the store isn't functional (yet). you can buy sm merch at our shows or wait a few days for our online store to debut. a few days. get it? hilarious.

lastly) see you tomorrow!
(edit: err, today!)



we're sell outs

i regret to inform all those who haven't purchased tickets to the continental (sunday) show in advance that it's sold out. we had no idea going into this that our first crop of shows would be so well attended and we promise to book larger capacity venues in the future. there is still plenty of room at the pony (saturday) and it's about a two hour drive from the city, if you're interested. either way, thanks for the support and we'll see you at the shiggity shiggity shows.


so that's why pearl jam are always bitching about tm

so the rocket scientists over at ticketmaster have us listed as two groups:
"Streetlight Manifesto" (congratulations)
"Street Light Manifesto" (booooo!)

point is, some people were sending in emails, all confused and whatnot about how to find tickets for the pony show. for your convenience:

buy tickets for the stone pony show on saturday here


buy tickets for the continental show on sunday here

also interesting: according to ticketmaster we are hard rock/metal, so please bring your goats and pigeons as many animals will be sacrificed onstage.

one last thing (for now): the continental is a lot smaller than we realized and there is a chance it will sell out, so please buy your ticket(s) in advance.

late, err...


siggity siggity samples

hey ya. don't wanna meet yo mama. etc.

so the "egn" page is up under "audio", with samples to all the songs on the record and a free mp3 of "everything went numb". damn you, mp3.com (i never liked you anyway, so good riddance)

please be kind to our bandwidth and don't download the little boogers every five minutes; let those that know not the manifizzle get a chance to be accosted by our aural assaults before our servers crash.

i'm audi (5000). (name the movie and you get, well, nothing. but you will be cool in my book, you little lemonhead you (that's a clue, einstein))


more show details

ello ello again, received some new details regarding our december shows and passing them on to you all:

the long awaited show at the stone pony in asbury park nj is scheduled and confirmed for the 20th. check the rants page for some more info/comments soon.

also, we've been getting a lot of emails regarding the "must have rutgers i.d. to enter" rule at the livingston show. we've spoken to the powers that be (uhm, mr. and mrs. rutgers) and they've assured us that if you come, you can get in. so come, dammit.

ok, til next time cyber-friends


pony show moved

the stone pony show in asbury park, nj on the 13th has been cancelled (we're still playing there, just waiting on a date). the replacement date will be posted shortly, hopefully by monday. sorry for the inconvenience.

by the way, "meida" is the way the cool kids spell it, so there.



after much suffering of guesses like "finding nemo" and "happy gilmore" a true genius has stepped forth and called out the true name of the film quoted earlier. it is the one the only... BUFFALO '66

seriously though, thanks to everyone who wrote in. the winner is one michael myers and he'll be getting the sm patch as well as a few more tidbits. michael, your taste in films is just short of genius, we salute you.

this whole process was a blast so it looks like we'll be having regularly scheduled trivia for prizes here on sm.com. check back often, who knows what we'll give away soon. maybe some unreleased music, maybe dan's virginity, anything goes. ok, later web-nerds.


new s(h)ite

allo allo, i know i know, it's not finished. i've been working on it between things like eating/sleeping/rehearsing (go check the shows page, friends) and i figured it can be a work in progress (better than a work in absence, eh?). the updates will be mentioned here so you'll know what's new as the blanks are filled in. big ups to mr. b-to-the-y-to-the-ron for setting up the moveable type up in this hooptie (you have him to thank for the (maybe too) frequent updates, thanks to the wonderful technology of blogging.)

the sm boys are (almost) ready to rock and we all look forward to making noise for you at our upcoming shows. ok, back to work and for the first time i can say this with confidence: there will be regular updates.

ps sorry it took so long.


tisk tisk...

shame on you


come on people now (smile on your brother)

the contest is still on, you non-film buffs you. first person to name the film this quote is from gets this

"it's for your girlfriend; don't go chomping on it yourself."


testing (no this is not the film from the contest, so don't bother)

a way out west there was a fella, fella i want to tell you about, fella by the name of jeff lebowski. at least, that was the handle his lovin' parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. this lebowski, he called himself the dude. now, dude, that's a name no one would self-apply where i come from. but then, there was a lot about the dude that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. and a lot about where he lived, like- wise. but then again, maybe that's why i found the place s'durned innarestin'. (yes this is a test)