Mika’il Sankofa serves as the director of athletics and coach for the Foundation. As one of the most successful saber fencers in U.S. history, Mika’il is a three-time member of the United States Olympic Team, competing in Los Angeles in 1984, Seoul in 1988 and Barcelona in 1992. He was a silver medalist in the Pan American Games in 1987 and 1991 and was on the U.S. National Team for eleven years. Additionally, he was a two-time National Champion and the first fencer ever to win four consecutive NCAA Championships (1983-1987). As a coach, Mika’il has produced some exceptional results in his young career. Notable students include: Adam Crompton, 2003 NCAA Men’s Sabre Champion, 2003 Pan-American Sabre Team Champion; Christian Robinson, 2003 Division II Women’s Sabre Champion, Carlton Henry 2003 Division III Men’s Sabre Champion.

As one of the pillars upon which the organization stands, Mika’il is co-founder of the Peter Westbrook Foundation and served as its’ Chairman of the Board from 1991-2003. In addition to running the general program, Mika’il has taken on the role of a full-time coach and currently has several nationally ranked fencers with Olympic team potential. Additionally, Mika’il serves as head coach at Stevens Institute of Technology, United Nations International School and the Morristown Fencing Club.

A graduate of New York University with a BA in economics, Mika’il is a former publicist who has worked for such prestigious firms as Ernst Young, Grey Advertising, Kirshenbaum, Bond & Partners and Shandwick International.


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