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Lying, failing to keep up his side of the bargain, massive Usenet abuse, a desire for infamy.


HipCrime's first attacks on Usenet came in the form of mailbombing and address harvesting, when he was the brown/bluelister. Over the intervening years, he dropped out of sight several times, wrote some cancel/supersedebot software, and generally made a severe pain in the ass out of himself to the Usenet administration for years.

Tim's first dealings with HipCrime were back in the mailbombing days, but he didn't really pay any attention to it at the time. Only when HipCrime subscribed to the Freedom-Knights mailing list did Tim get actually interested in what HipCrime had to say - mostly out of curiousity, but partially to see if there was anything interesting he could to do HipCrime in return for attacks on Usenet. After a while, he found something he could do - offer HipCrime a "truce" while they could work together on a new hierarchy that would supposedly meet all of his needs, free.*. Not expecting it to work, Tim nevertheless went ahead with the project...

Months later, after the hierarchy had mostly failed, HipCrime proclaimed that Tim hadn't lived up to his end of the bargain. Tim, already annoyed with HipCrime for his years of work to destroy Usenet, consider this enough of an excuse to plonk him permanently.


Hipcrime was incarcertaed on August 23, 1998, and remained in the Dungeon until the Escape of November 1999. He was recaptured on June 8 2002, and will likely remain in the Dungeon indefinitely.

Skirvin's Notes

For starters, I just want to get this out of my system: can we say *SOCIOPATH*?

There. Done. Now I can go on to the more official stuff.

HipCrime is one of Usenet's most effective abusers ever, because he's g otten others to do his dirty work for him. I have a little bit of respect for that, but only a bit; it's not like he's a good programmer, or accomplished at anything beyond trolling. He's not even all that kooky, really...

Most of Usenet considers him an outright terrorist - and, well, I'm not sure I can disagree. He is deliberately arming groups of people to try to destroy newsgroups; the weapons are being used. Ick. Of course, this is stuff that had to be written eventually anyway, but...well, I kinda liked some aspects of security through obscurity, dammit!

To respond to those people that claim that I negotiated with terrorists by dealing with Hippy, though: sorry, I'm not giving you that point. What I gave HipCrime I also gave to everyone else - a new hierarchy that, while probably doomed to failure, was certainly worth a shot and needed to be done at some point by somebody. And it certainly got him to shut up for a while. Yes, it certainly looked like I did it for him - well, if he believes that, yay for him, if you believe that, yay for you, you're still wrong.

I'm not really willing to make this page into a listing of everything HC has done. He's still out there, writing software to make Usenet abuse easy and generally being a pain in the butt. I have my own theories as to his origins and such, but I don't feel like sharing them. I'm just happy to have him recaptured and in the newly-remodelled Dungeon, and therefore more out of my hair.

Daemons' Notes

/We've already been doing some email filtering for a while...not up to full Dungeon levels, but filtering nonetheless/
*Mostly to filter the *.hipcrime.* newsgroups from Tim...*


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