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Professors Defend Teacher Accused Of Exposing Students To Pornography

POSTED: 5:04 pm EST March 6, 2007
UPDATED: 6:55 am EST March 7, 2007

A group of computer science professors is calling on authorities to set aside a teacher's conviction for exposing her students to pornography.

Julie Amero was found guilty of risk of injury to minors. She was a teacher at Kelly Middle School in Norwich. On Tuesday a $2,400 ad appeared in the Hartford Courant signed by 28 professors who said they think Amero could not have controlled the pornographic pop-ups.

They said she didn't have that option because she'd been firmly instructed not to turn the computer off. Had she done so she would have lost her day's attendance figures, which could have gotten her in trouble.

At her sentencing on March 29, Amero faces potential jail time of 40 years.

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