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Punk History Gallery :: Album Covers :: Original Source of image from SNFU - Nobody Else Wnated to Play

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Contributer: Dick Manitoba


2622 views since June 16, 2005

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Name: Sarah

So so so sorry about all the comments, but I found more pictures of this kid-- I'm assuming they're from the series of photos Diane took that day. It can be found here "" because I'm pretty sure if iI tried to leave it the html wouldn't work..

2007-04-18 15:54:59

Name: Sarah

Also, after a little further reading, I found out this about the subject of the photo: "The boy in the photograph is Colin Wood, son of tennis player, Sidney Wood. The photograph sold for $408,000 April 2005, New York at Christies Auction"

2007-04-18 15:53:36

Name: Sarah

He sort of looks like a holocaust survivor if you ask me..

2007-04-18 15:51:47

Name: Sarah

So I know it's been awhile since the last comment, but this is indeed a photo by Diane Arbus. She caught alot of hell for the subjects of her photographs. There's actually a movie starring Nicole Kidman about her releasing in May. I found this on Wikipedia concerning the above photo: "Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park,[3] New York City (1962) — A scrawny boy, with the left strap of his jumper awkwardly hanging off his shoulder, tensely holds his long, thin arms by his side. Clenching a toy grenade in his right hand and holding his left hand in a claw-like gesture, his facial expression is maniacal. Arbus captured this photograph by having the boy stand while moving around him, claiming she was trying to find the right angle. The boy became impatient and told her to "Take the picture already!" His tired, frustrated expression conveys his weariness with the whole endeavor."

2007-04-18 15:50:53

Name: twitch

Arbus got an earful for this thing by others in the photo-field because it was a fully thought-out and posed pic. Cool image but waaaayy cooler if it was just a 'found' incident...

2006-09-18 15:42:12

Name: J Johnah Jamieson

funny - noone really cared about copyright back then so much.
pretty freaky looking kiddie, tho...

2006-04-17 22:33:14

Name: muc b

The photographers name is Diane Arbus. We were totally naive. We found the picture in the library and used it. Jello contacted us and told us Crucifux alsmost got sued and Sex Gang Children also wanted to use some Arbus material and were told noway. So we made adjustments. Pretty negligent.

2006-04-14 19:20:08

Name: Dennis L

Yep, the lable (BYO) got a call from Diane Arbus' people about copyright infringement but it didn't amount to much if I recall. Maybe Gubby or someone from the band could shed a bit more light on the story…

2005-08-29 09:38:10

Name: J.Bruce

Found the info.

Child with a toy hand grenade in Central Park, NYC. (1962) photo by Diane Arbus

2005-03-21 19:47:29

Name: norm villeneuve

I was told years ago that this pic was from Northern Ireland in the '70's.

2005-03-14 11:50:06

Name: Screaming King Neil Embo

I heard this was some very famous photograph,someone was telling me,I don't know if it's true or not????????

2005-03-14 08:25:33

Name: J.Bruce

Is there a story behind this photo? Who's the photographer? Who's the kid? Was this photo taken for the album art or did SNFU just find it and use it?

2005-03-12 18:04:25

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