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  Contact finally drops Down Under

The unusual Nintendo DS game from the team behind Killer 7 debuts in Australia tomorrow.

January 24, 2007 - Nintendo's DS has certainly played home to quite a load of unique, 'left-field' games, and Grasshopper Manufacture's Contact - one which fits into this category - is set to hit select Australian stores from tomorrow, January 25.

The game's a conceptual RPG that'll see you take control of Terry, who's become caught up with a stranded Professor from outer space, while you as the player are included in the adventure to free him from his plight as well. Two graphical styles, each on their own screen, blend to create a deep adventure, with a real-time combat system and a wealth of items and abilities to discover. And, there's Wi-Fi connectivity to top it all off!

We'll have our full verdict once we've spent enough time with the game, but if you're looking for an unusual production that's only possible on Nintendo DS, and if you appreciated Grasshopper's work on Killer 7, then this is definitely something worth checking out.

More details can be found at the game's website, here, and you can look out for it at EB Games, JB Hi-Fi and some independent stores for only $49.95.

By Captain   

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El Nicko says:
24-01-07, 06:01
hmm i might have a look at pickign this game up next time im in town. will it be good?

nephilim says:
24-01-07, 06:13
wow euro art is the best box! crazy

Hammondorf says:
24-01-07, 06:38
$50? nice, i might get it, looks interesting.

Captain says:
24-01-07, 06:44
Yeah! That artwork is fantastic.

JleeLink says:
24-01-07, 07:19
What are the WiFi features like?

Techa says:
24-01-07, 07:20
yay im definately getting this tomorrow at TRU

wario ware $79.95 (plus my $10 of wii games at TRU - $69.95 )
gt pro return at TRU - $99 back

I'll have like $30 left Very Happy, just another $20 for contact Very Happy

rpgs rule Very Happy

Hammondorf says:
24-01-07, 07:27

JleeLink wrote:
What are the WiFi features like?

That's what i wanna know.. if i can remember correctly they're quite basic.. like jsut being able to chat.. but i'm not sure.

Lvaneede says:
24-01-07, 08:05
Im still waiting for Phoenix Wright

Dark Squirrel says:
24-01-07, 08:11
Well, according to Wiki, you can 'contact' people. They appear on the screen and you can exchange tips and items.

Rickie says:
24-01-07, 08:11
I remember reading about this the other day in a Nintendo Magazine I bought. Said it was an interesting RPG game where the Professor refers to not only Terry, but YOU as the player. Brings you into the game. Other than that, classic RP where you make Terry better and such.

Sounds interesting.

CmuNe says:
24-01-07, 09:01
killer 7 was the best, u gotta get this game

Dr. Zoidberg says:
24-01-07, 09:07
I'm estimating $37 at big w.

Cuz nintendogs was $50 rrp and big w sold it for $37 Very Happy

Tayaun_Nintendo_ftw says:
24-01-07, 09:45
the guys on that boxart look like my old, really dumb english teacher.

Dark Moogle says:
24-01-07, 10:26
Why is it that the OFLC rating sticker is just pasted over the PEGI rating? Dont we get out own box for it or was it just unavailable for us to see now?

ShortCutMan says:
24-01-07, 10:56
Will be picking this up for sure. Haven't gotten a new DS game in a while.

klaythan says:
24-01-07, 10:57
Wow, I can't believe it hits tomorrow. It has had so many delays and so many different dates. I can't believe I might actually be playing it tomorrow.

What are the WiFi features like?

I followed this game religiously before the US release. From what I remember, the WIFI basically takes the character from the game you connect to and lets them live in your game as an offline character on an island. The more people you connect with, the more characters you have living on the island which in turns unlocks things on the island.

EDIT: Forgot to add that the price point also makes it very attractive.

jumbojimmy says:
24-01-07, 11:03
dam! I was planning to get wario ware tommorrow... but i can only get one game per month!!!

Dr. Zoidberg says:
24-01-07, 11:04
Get Contact tommorow and only wait 5 more days to get Wario. Mr. Green \


Techa says:
24-01-07, 16:58
Hey anyone who gets it, can u PM me ur FC, so we can do that contact stuff?

Techa says:
25-01-07, 02:07
Toys R US don;t have it. I've still got $40 store credit left over after buying wario ware. (does anyone want my store credit trade for $40 ? )

nider says:
25-01-07, 04:47
I couldn't see this in any stores when I went to pick up WarioWare today, so I asked at EBGames and the sales assistant said that it was coming out on the 8th of Feb...

klaythan says:
25-01-07, 09:42
Does anyone know what the go is with this title? I went to my EB today and they didnt have it. Red Ant, the Australian distributor list it on their website as Jan 25th. There have been many reports of February release from other sources.

Mario'sBrother says:
26-01-07, 05:01
The concept of this game sounds great. After watching a trailer.... Rolling Eyes

Not my kind of game.

Infernal Monkey says:
30-01-07, 12:03
I'm not sure I'd really recommend this game..

I imported it months ago, because I was extremely excited (in the pants). I mean, Michigan (PS2) and Killer 7 were bloody awesome, and this was from the same developer! But it gets painfully boring, just like most RPG's. The witty dialogue loses its punch eventually, and the puzzles are just plain crap.

But eh, I dunno. You guys may love it~
Oh and it's been pushed back to mid-next month, there is no 100% set date, as Red Ant are a bundle of confusion. This and New Zealand Story Revolution are going to launch at the same time. DO NOT expect to find this game in the likes of Big W and Target. Not going to happen.

Aside from EB, select Toys R Us stores will carry the title, and that's about it. It'll get a very limited print run just like Ys Strategy DS did (never heard of that? Don't blame you, it's one of the hardest DS games to currently find in Australia).