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Sophia Santi aka: Natalia Cruze
Sophia Santi - aka: Natalia Cruze
Digital Playground Girl
Weight: 115 lbs.
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Meas: 38B-25-39
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnicity: White
Years Active: 2005 - Present
Average Rating: 4.68 out of 5 - 57 Ratings
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Location: Phone Interview
Interview Date: 5/17/2006
One of Digital Playground's hot new Contract Girls, many adult fans are familar with Sophia Santi from her photo-shoot days when she went under the name "Natalia Cruz". Now she's performing on film for her fans, and quickly becoming one of the most popular girls in the adult industry.
Interviewed by Shannon T. Nutt Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved in the adult industry.
Sophia Santi: Four years ago, I started doing magazines first. I was up in Canada, where I�m from, and there was a photographer that came up there and when he saw me, the first words that came out of his mouth were �I can get you in Penthouse.� And I didn�t really have to think about it, I said �Okay!� I flew out here and started shooting all the magazines, and I did that for about three years before I moved into film.

Q: And how did you get involved from moving from the photo shoots to actually performing in front of the cameras?
Sophia Santi: Most of the photographers I worked for at the magazines wanted me to do little video clips for their own personal website, so I started out doing that. So it was a small transition to move directly into full-blown film.

Q: And what made you decide to sign with Digital Playground?
Sophia Santi: I just think that they are the best company in the business. They have a small amount of girls � they don�t have like twelve girls � and they really do concentrate on making you a star. Their marketing ability is just see what they�ve done with Jesse Jane and Tera Patrick, and I thought that was great and what I wanted for myself.

Q: You didn�t always use the name Sophia used to go by Natalia Cruz. Any reason for the change?
Sophia Santi: Yeah...I don�t own the website, and I�ve never seen a dime from that website. So when I signed with Digital, I didn�t want the person that owned that site to capitalize on all the marketing that they�re doing for me, so I just changed my name and that way I could have my own website and everything.

Q: You have a very exotic look...very unique. What�s your ethnic background?
Sophia Santi: My father is Romanian with ancestors from the Transylvanian mother is Black Irish, German and Cherokee.

Q: One of the things fans first notice about you is the tattoo that wraps around your side...can you tell us the genesis of it � when you got it and if it holds any significance?
Sophia Santi: I started that when I was about 18 years old. It has a lot of meaning for�s a Japanese dragon � a symbol of benevolence and creativity and for me, always forward motion and not to be stagnant...but I am addicted to tattoos, and I realized pretty early that I don�t want like 18 little tattoos all over me, so I decided to get one big one, and then when I got the urge I would work on that.

Q: You�re currently only doing girls on camera...would you ever consider doing boy/girl scenes?
Sophia Santi: Maybe in the�s possible. For right now, I think I�ve got a pretty good career doing girls.

Q: So you are bisexual in your private life, then?
Sophia Santi: Of course. I love girls!

Q: What turns you on about being with girls?
Sophia Santi: It�s just so different from being with a man. It�s so much more softer and curvier and�s less �hard�. It�s �prettier�. It�s hard to say!

Q: I know a lot of the female talent out of the reason they get into adult and performing in front of the camera is because it�s a way of acting out fantasies that they might not have a chance to try in their personal life. Do you have any fantasies that you�d like to try in front of the camera that you haven�t gotten a chance to yet...or something that you�ve gotten to do on camera that you really enjoyed?
Sophia Santi: Well not a fantasy, but in my personal life and maybe on the set too, I�m kind of a natural submissive, so I like really dominant women to just manhandle me...choke me, pull my hair...take control!

Q: What do you like to do in your free time � interests/hobbies?
Sophia Santi: Well, I paint, I play classical guitar, I read, I do yoga. That�s pretty much it.

Q: What movies do you have out right now that you�re particular proud of...and what�s coming out in the future that fans should look forward to?
Sophia Santi: The Way Of The Dragon was my first feature, and I loved that � it�s Asian-inspired. Virtual Sex With Sophia Santi...viewers can manipulate me in any way that they want and get me to do whatever they want me to do. I have a new title coming out called Peek � it�s coming out in June, which is kind of vampy and goth a little�s fetishy and a lot of fun as well.

Q: Now that you�ve made the leap from photo shoots to adult movies, have you been getting recognized more in public?
Sophia Santi: Well I don�t go out when I�m at home a lot, but I do get people that recognize me. If I�m in Vegas, I get recognized all the time. Here, in LA...there�s so many stars out here in LA, if people notice you they won�t say anything. So it�s kind of nice.

Q: Have you had any weird or uncomfortable encounters with fans?
Sophia Santi: Yeah. I had one come up to me while I was with a boyfriend and tell me that he jacked off to me all the time! Umm...thank you! It was great.

Q: How much longer to you plan to stay in the industry? Any long range plans about what you�d like to do once you stop performing in front of the camera?
Sophia Santi: I probably have maybe a five-year plan on it. And after that I�d probably like to move into directing. I�ve got tons of ideas and I love being behind the camera as much as I love being in front of it. I took a bunch of photography classes and film classes, and even developing pictures in a darkroom...that kind of thing. You never know, I might move into the photography side of it.

Q: You mentioned one of the reasons you changed your stage name was because someone owned Natalia Cruz. Do you have an official website yet?
Sophia Santi: will be up very soon.

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