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2001 Stamps

2001 Stamps

Art - Blaž Arnič

Date of issue: 9/21/2001

Type: PZ
Design: Dušan Brajič - based on print by Božidar Jakac
Motif: Blaž Arnič
Printed by: DELO - TISKARNA d. d., Ljubljana
Printing technique: 4-colour offset
Sheet: 16
Paper: Chancellor oba free L.S.PVA GMD 102g, gummed
Size: 50,75 x 36,25 mm

Blaž Arnič (1901 - 1970)

Born in Luče near the Savinja river, the composer Blaž Arnič studied composing at the Ljubljana Conservatory and in Vienna, and advanced his studies in Warsaw and Paris. He taught music at Bol on the island of Brač and in Ljubljana. Upon his return from the Dachau Concentration Camp, he was appointed full professor of composing at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana in 1945. A highly versatile musician, Arnič wrote a number of choral pieces, lieders, piano and chamber pieces. He is particularly well known for his nine symphonies and is considered to be his generation's most distinctive composer of symphonies in Slovenia. The stamp depicts apart from Jakac's portrait of B. Arnič, also a detail of a manuscipt score of his Symphony Duma.

Mag. Bojan Bračič