Hard Justice Results: Kurt Angle Beats Joe! Pacman Attacked! PPV Results
August 12th, 2007 20:16
By Bill Banks

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- Following his TNA debut at Hard Justice, Adam “Pacman” Jones got an ominous warning from Ron “The Truth” Killings – “Watch Your Back!”. Later in the broadcast, Pacman was found knocked out backstage with a cut over his eye following an attack! Jones was taken from the arena in an ambulance. Watch TNA “iMPACT!” this Thursday night at 9pm on SpikeTV for an update on Pacman Jones.

- Karen Angle played everyone for a fool as she helped her husband Kurt Angle defeat Samoa Joe in the main event! Kurt Angle now holds every championship in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling!

- Also, Abyss is the new number-one contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Title after winning the Doomsday match! Abyss will get his title shot at the September “No Surrender” Pay-Per-View!

Complete results from the Pay-Per-View event are below:


The Pay-Per-View kicked off with the arrival of Adam “Pacman” Jones to the arena, followed by footage of the star from the past week.

The three-way X Division match started it, with “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt vs. Triple X vs. The Motor City Machineguns. At one point, Elix Skipper got involved – as he attempted to cost Sabin and Shelley the match. However, the match continued with all six X stars going all-out with amazing moves. In the end, it was Jay Lethal getting the win over The Fallen Angel with a roll-up as Daniels and Senshi were setting Lethal up for a top rope stomp.

Backstage, JB found Karen Angle enjoying some champagne with the "new man" in her life!

Up next, it's Raven vs. Kazarian...Raven entered the ring and tried to get Kazarian to rejoin Serotinin, but Kazarian wasn’t having any of it. Havok and Martyr also got involved, helping Raven punish Kazarian when they could. However, when he saw his chance, Kazarian took Martyr and Havok out of the picture on the outside – but he got a kendo stick shot from Raven in the process. Raven went for the DDT, but Kazarian reversed it and hit a big boot on his former mentor for the win!

Backstage, JB talked to Kurt Angle about his wife arriving with another man, which sent Angle to find them!

Up next, it’s the Barroom Brawl with Rhino vs. James Storm...Ringside there was a bar setup, complete with bottles for each star to use as weapons. The bout started as expected – with an all-out brawl in the crowd with Rhino punishing Storm. Back ringside, Rhino cracked open a cold one and downed it, spitting beer in Storm and Jackie Moore’s face. However, Storm took control after hitting a suplex on Rhino on the steel ramp, but Rhino returned the favor by smashing Storm through the bar setup! The two TNA stars continued to brawl, using several weapons. Rhino set up a table for a GORE, but Storm moved and Rhino went through it. Storm continued the assault with several shots from a chair followed by a superkick and a beer bottle shot to his head. After the beating, Storm got the pin on Rhino.

Up next, new TNA interviewer Crystal was backstage introducing herself when Ron "The Truth" Killings made a surprise appearance and trash-talked Adam "Pacman" Jones!

Up next it’s The Voodoo Kin Mafia with Roxy vs. The Latin American Xchange…BG and Kip took turns working over Homicide to start off. Finally, Homicide made the tag to Hernandez, who used his brute strength to gain the momentum. Hernandez went for the Border Toss on BG, but the Voodoo Queen threw powder in his face – allowing Kip to hit the jumping legdrop on the big man for the pin. However, Hector Guerrero got in the ring and told referee Earl Hebner what happened – and he restarted it! Moments later, Homicide rolled up Kip James for the win! After the match, the LAX and Guerrero shared words at ringside.

Up next, it’s Eric Young vs. Robert Roode in the Humiliation Match…Young started out with the early offense, as he clotheslined Roode to the outside while Ms. Brooks berated him. This allowed Roode to get the upper hand, while Brooks slapped Eric around for good measure. Back in the ring, Roode dominated Young and wore him down. EY took control, hitting punches and suplexes on Roode for several near-pins. Ms. Brooks tried to get involved, but Young catapulted her into her boss. Later, Brooks passed a pair of brass knuckles to Roode, as he nailed Young with them to get the win. After the match, Roode tossed Young out of the ring and announced it was time for EY’s humiliation. But before they could do anything, Gail Kim came down and threw herself on top of Young. Gail fought with Brooks, allowing EY to come back and nail Roode. EY announced he wasn’t going to be tar and feathered – and joined Gail in doing it to Ms. Brooks instead while Roode walked away!

Up next it’s “Wildcat” Chris Harris vs. the debut of Dustin Rhodes’ “Black Reign”. Black Reign come out and surprised Harris from behind, and it was certainly a new, darker and bizarre look for Rhodes. Black Reign started it off by pummeling Harris on the outside. Black Reign not only brutalized The Wildcat, but referees as well, eventually leading to a DQ win for Harris. Black Reign then handcuffed Harris and brought in a menacing looking mace, but before he could use it on Harris the locker room came out to protect him.

Up next it’s Team 3D vs. The Steiner Brothers! Crystal was backstage with The Steiner Brothers, who ran down Team 3D before the match. In another part of the building, JB interviewed Team 3D, who returned fire and trash-talked The Steiners.

The match began with Team 3D beating on Rick Steiner. However, Scott Steiner hit the ring and leveled Team 3D with power moves, sending them to the outside. Back inside, Brother Ray and Big Poppa Pump traded chop and clotheslines. From the outside, Brother Ray nailed Scott Steiner, allowing Devon to gain control. Team 3D then focused their attack on Scott Steiner’s injured back. Rick Steiner eventually tagged in and hit multiple suplexes on 3D, allowing Scott Steiner to hit a belly-to-belly on Devon from the second rope! Then, Scott Steiner nailed the Frankensteiner on Devon! Scott locked on the Steiner Recliner, but Ray made the save. After more brawling, The Steiners then hit the top rope bulldog on Devon to get the win as The Steiner Brothers defeated Team 3D!

Backstage, JB followed Kurt Angle into Dr. Nash’s office. Angle dropped on the couch and started pouring his heart out to Nash about his problems with his wife.

Next, Mike Tenay was in the ring for the introduction of Adam “Pacman” Jones to TNA. Jones made his way to the ring to a chorus of boos from the audience, then he refused to shake Tenay’s hand. Tenay asked Pacman about his decision to come to TNA and what his goals are in TNA, which he responded by saying to be the best team player in the promotion. Moments later, Ron “The Truth” Killings made his way out to confront Pacman – saying Pacman had it all wrong. Truth said wrestling was all about yourself and no one else, but Jones wouldn’t have to worry about fighting anyone in TNA because his contract wouldn’t allow it. Truth ended it by saying everyone in the locker room wanted a piece of Pacman and that he had better watch his back. Pacman challenged Truth to hit the ring for a fight, but security stepped in the way and held Killings back. As security took Truth to the back, Pacman got in some more verbal shots before leaving the ring.

Up next is the Doomsday Chamber of Blood! In the locker room, Crystal was with Christian Cage, Tomko and AJ Styles – who talked about the upcoming bout.

Tenay and West got word that something was going in the back – where cameras found Pacman Jones laid out with a cut above his eye! Security was scurrying to try to regain control of the situation.

Cage led his coalition to the Six Sides of Steel cage for the Doomsday Chamber Of Blood. They attacked Abyss as soon as he made his entrance, but “The Punisher” Andrew Martin came to his aid. The arena blacked out and Sting appeared in the middle of the ring! The fight was on – as both teams brawled in the cage and throughout the arena.

Backstage, Adam “Pacman” Jones was stretchered out of the building in an ambulance as a result of the attack!

Back in the ring, Cage and his crew took control of the bout by locking Sting out of the cage. Cage opened a bag of glass, grabbed a piece and shredded Abyss with it! Sting climbed the cage and cut the barbed-wire with wire-cutters, allowing him to enter the match. Sting, Abyss and Martin regained control, resulting in Cage bailing from the ring and abandoning his team! Abyss hit a Black Hole Slam on AJ Styles to get the win – Abyss is the new number-one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Title and will get his shot at September’s No Surrender!

The main event is next… as it’s Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe with every TNA championship on the line!

Kurt Angle made his way out first, obviously still down about his wife Karen leaving him. Joe was next, led by Polynesian dancers. After the in-ring introductions, Joe and Angle collided. Just minutes in, Karen Angle made her way to ringside with her new boyfriend – watching the bout closely. During the bout, Kurt confronted Karen at ringside, but she threw champagne in his face – enabling Samoa Joe to take control. Angle battled back, hitting suplexes on Joe – but Joe changed the tide with an overhead release suplex that floored his nemesis. Later, Joe went for the Muscle Buster but Angle reversed it into the Ankle Lock. Joe broke free, but Angle hit the Olympic Slam – but Joe kicked out! Angle went for a top rope moonsault, but Joe moved. Joe then hit the Muscle Buster on Angle – but thistime Kurt kicked out! Joe locked the Clutch on Angle in the middle of the ring – but he broke it by biting Joe’s fingers. Angle put the Ankle Lock back on, but Joe again reversed it with another Clutch! Angle was able to get the referee to break the hold when he got to the topes. Moments later, Angle accidentally knocked out the referee. Joe got Angle to tap, but the referee didn’t see it. With both men down, Karen Angle attempted to give Joe a steel chair – but she pulled it away at the last moment! Angle nailed Joe with the steel chair, revived the referee and got the win! Karen played everyone for a fool and now Kurt Angle holds every championship in TNA Wrestling!
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