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Wednesday Qualifying Live Ticker

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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Wednesday's qualifying is over - and what a show it was! We will have a full report and galleries soon, please join us again for tomorrow's live qualifying coverage!

01h53min: New pole-time: Sarrazin puts the No. 8 Peugeot on pole, clocking in a very last-minute 3:26.344!

01h50min: Session over - Some cars are still on a flying lap

01h49min: Audi No.2 very slow on track - out of fuel?

01h47min: 49 cars are out on track - everybody is keen to have one last shot at the (class)pole

01h46min: New pole-time: McNish improves his time - 3:26.916

01h45min: Five minutes left - Will Peugeot be able to bounce back? All top-cars are sill circulating, pushing very hard over the curbs

01h42min: New pole-time: Alan McNish in the No. 2 Audi sets a 3:27.017

01h41min: The No. 1 Audi R10 picks up fresh rubber for some last flying laps

01h41min: The session will finish at 12 PM local time - nine minutes still to go. Who will end up on pole?

01h38min: Nicolas Minassian puts the No.7 Peugeot on second - 3:27.096

01h34min: Audi is trying to respond - Capello, Luhr and McNish are out on track, trying to beat Sarrazins time

01h32min: New pole-time: 3:27.029 for Stephane Sarrazin in the No. 8 Peugeot

01h29min: Sarrazin is the first one to improve his session one time - 3:29.410, still second overall

01h28min: No. 32 Barazi Epsilon Zytek stopped at the Start/Finish straight

01h28min: Several cars are out on slicks now

01h27min: The track seems to allow quicker times now, Stephane Sarrazin just set a 3:32.486 in the No. 8 Peugeot

01h18min: Engine change for the No. 44 Kruse Motorsport Pescarolo

00h48min: No. 29 T2M Dome stranded on track at the Esses

00h46min: No time improvements possible as both the Audis and the Peugeots dont manage to go under 4:00

00h41min: Villeneuve has started his approach, completing his first Le Mans night laps

00h36min: Jacques Villeneuve is getting ready to take over the No. 7 Peugeot

00h32min: Correction: The No. 5 Swiss Spirit car stopped because of a technical problem.

00h30min: Green flag - Session restarted

00h25min: The crashed car is the No. 5 Swiss Spirit Lola Audi

00h24min: Crashed car out on track, most likely a LMP1. Could be one of the Audi R10s

00h23min: Red Flag!

00h19min: The mixed conditions see some teams run on intermediate tires, even though most of the track is completely dry

00h13min: No time improvements yet as the track is still damp at Indianapolis. Most teams are completing their mandatory night laps now

00h01min: Green flag

00h00min: The track has dried up. With more rain expected for tomorrow's sessions, the following two hours will most probably decide on who will start from pole position.

00h00min: Session will be started at 10:10 PM local time

00h00min: The second session is about to start. The darkness has almost completely set over the La Sarthe circuit

02h15min: Session over - See you for the second session in 45 minutes!

02h10min: The extended session has changed Peugeot's mind. The No. 8 908 is out on track, Sarrazin at the wheel

02h09min: Suspension problems see the No. 44 Kruse Pescarolo LMP2 stop at the pit exit

02h05min: Starter motor problems prevent one of the Oreca Saleens from going out

02h04min: One of the few teams to use the additional time is Binne Motorsports, Allen Timpany takes the team's Lola around the wet track.

02h00min: Session has been extended - 12 minutes left

01h57min: While the Audis lap on the partly wet circuit, both Peugeot 908s stayed in the pits, preparing for the second session.

01h55min: All three Audi R10s are out on track, on full-blown wet tires

01h53min: Green flag - Seven minutes left in the session

01h51min: Some cars are lining up at the pit exit, including the Noel del Bello Courage and two Audi R10

01h47min: Its hectic in the pitlane as all mechanics rush to the lined-up cars, pulling them back into the garages

01h46min: Pouring rain at Indianapolis, impossible to drive on slick tires.

01h45min: Plenty of cars have lined up at the pitlane exit - on slicks!

01h44min: Rain at Mulsanne

01h43min: Track is finally cleared - session will go green soon

01h37min: The wrecked Lamborghini is still on track at the first chicane, along with plenty of marshal vehicles. With only 23 minutes left in the session, its unlikely that we will go green again in session one.

01h30min: Appicella has been transfered to the medical center - The Italian is awake and alert

01h27min: The interruption time will not be added to the session - Session one ends at 9 PM local time as scheduled

01h12min: Session is still interrupted - we`ll update you as soon as anything happens

01h08min: The JLOC Lamborghini Murcielago crashed out at the first chicane, Marco Appicella at the wheel. Car is badly damaged, driver needs assistance

01h06min: Red Flag!

01h06min: Sarrazin in the No. 8 Peugeot is up to second overall going under 3:30

01h01min: Adrian Fernandez to the top of the time sheets in P2 - a 3:47.887 for the No. 33 Zytek

01h00min: Jörg Bergmeister puts the troubled No. 80 Flying Lizard Porsche on third in GT2 - 4:05.588

00h59min: No. 44 Kruse Motorsport Pescarolo LMP2 loses fluids in the Ford chicane

00h58min: Behind the Audi's and Peugeot's, the No. 16 Pescarolo is the quickest petrol car on fifth overall

00h49min: The No. 80 Flying Lizard Porsche is out on track now, the axle problems seem to be solved

00h47min: The No.7 Peugeot is the first of the 908s to go under 3:30 as Nic Minassian posts a 3:29.801

00h46min: Quickest in GT2 is the No. 76 IMSA Performance Porsche, ahead of the No 97 Risi Ferrari and the No. 87 Scuderia Ecosse Ferrari

00h45min: Soheil Ayari completes a Saleen 1-2 with posting the second quickest time in the No.54 Oreca S7R. - 3:54.718

00h41min: The No.009 Aston Martin moves up to second in GT1 - 3:55.099

00h40min: Plenty of teams are keen to set a quick time now as more rain is expected later this evening

00h39min: The Binne Motorsports Lola now leads LMP2 after posting a 3:48.173 lap

00h38min: Alexandre Premat in the No. 3 Audi is the second driver to go under 3:30, placing the car on second overall

00h37min: No. 67 Team Conversbank MenX Ferrari in the gravel at Indianapolis

00h34min: The No. 82 LNT Panoz is back in the pits, the car suffered quite some front bodywork damage after that puncture

00h33min: Frank Biela in the No. 1 Audi improves his fastest lap to 3:28.301

00h30min: In GT1, the No. 55 Oreca Saleen leads the No. 64 Corvette and the No. 100 BMS Aston Martin

00h29min: Axle problems for the No. 80 Flying Lizard Porsche - Car might not contest in the first session

00h27min: Puncture for the No. 82 Team LNT Panoz Esperante on the Mulsanne straight

00h26min: In LMP2, the Quifel ASM Lola leads ahead of the Bruichladdich Radical and the Pierre Bruneau Pillbeam

00h26min: Who will be the first to go under 3:30?

00h25min: Frank Biela finishes a very fast lap in the No. 1 Audi - 3:30.287 - Faster than last year's pole

00h19min: Another spin, No. 29 T2M Dome at Dunlop Chicane

00h18min: The No. 70 PSI Corvette C6.R spins at the Dunlop Chicane - Philipp Peter at the wheel

00h16min: Nic Minassian completes the Peugeot 1-2 with a fast lap - 3:33.966 for the leading No.7 Peugeot

00h14min: The No. 8 Peugeot 908 tops the timing sheets as Sarrazin posts a 3:34.802

00h12min: Alex Yoong spins the No. 15 Charouz Lola on the way down to Tertre Rouge. Yoong manages to avoid the barriers and resumes the session

00h11min: All drivers and teams are keen to get their cars sorted out, plenty of entries just do one installation lap and come back into the pits.

00h07min: Tom K is back! Kristensen posts the quickest time so far, 3:35 - still well off the pace.

00h05min: Frank Biela in the No. 1 Audi R10 starts a flying lap, pushing very hard into the Dunlop chicane

00h02min: The teams dont seem to be too eager to get going as plenty of cars take their time in leaving the pits.

00h01min: Green flag! The Luc Alphand Corvette C6.R leads the field into the first session

00h00min: Today's first session starts in ten minutes - No rain at Le Mans, Qualifying will start on a dry track.

00h00min: Welcome to our coverage of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2007. Today and tomorrow will see four qualifying sessions, each two hours long. The day's two sessions will be interrupted by a one hour break.

photo copyright Mike Hoyer 



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