2006 Pioneer Award

Paul Lacross was billed as the “World’s Fastest, Fanciest Gunslinger, Knife and Tomahawk Thrower.”


Paul’s interest in knife, hatchet and sharp shooting began in the Boy Scouts.  His turning point came when his father took him to a sportsmen’s show.  There was an act with a cowboy showing his skills with guns and knives.  Paul told his father “I’m just as good as he is, Pa.”  His dad replied “You’re better, Son,” and Paul was on his way to an exciting and profitable life that took him to many countries all over the world.


Paul’s television credits include: The Merv Griffin Show; Thrill seekers with Chuck Connors; The Mike Douglas Show; What’s My Line; To Tell the Truth; and Circus of Stars in which movie actress Linda Blair was his assistant/target.


Paul’s act is the only one of its kind ever to perform in Carnegie hall in New York City and Massy Hall in Toronto, Canada.


Paul’s major foreign performances included: Russia with the United States Circus under the Cultural Exchange Program between the United States and U.S.S.R.; Expo ’70 in Japan; The Major Arena attraction at the 1977 Auckland, New Zealand Easter show; and numerous locations throughout Canada.


Paul also was a strong advocate of getting people to learn the art of knife throwing.  In the 1965 special issue of The Knife Thrower, the Tru-Flyte Knife Thrower of America official bi-monthly newsletter, he wrote an informative article on the basic fundamentals to become a proficient knife thrower. Paul Lacross passed away in August 1993 at the age of 78.”