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Over the years, Blackwater’s reputation as the premier weapons and tactics training facility in the United States had spread worldwide. Today, Blackwater has and is currently training select military and other government groups from US-friendly nations at Blackwater and abroad.

Our instructors are ranked the best in the world and our facilities are second to none. With appropriate US Department of State approvals, Blackwater can meet your training objectives. Training can be conducted at our Moyock Facility or in your country.

Past or Current Projects

Greece – In 2003, Blackwater USA trained special security teams that were preparing to the 2004 Olympic Games held in Greece

Azerbaijan – In 2005 Blackwater USA was contracted to enhance Azerbaijan Naval Sea Commando’s maritime interdiction capability. The contract included the facility up-grades, supply of basic maritime equipment, development of recruiting material, and maritime interdiction training.

Afghanistan – Currently, Blackwater USA is training various groups of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior in weapons and tactical operations. This training is in direct support of US Drug Enforcement Agency’s efforts to build a robust and capable narcotics interdiction capability.

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