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Blackwater Target Systems

Welcome to Blackwater Target Systems, where we provide solutions for training and tactical challenges to the world's law enforcement and military professionals,federal agencies and to civilian shooters. Our patent-pending "BEAR" system, "BEAR Trap" bullet containment system, and our "BEAR's Den" Modular Shoot-House are the most innovative steel training solutions on the market, and supply the foundation to our indoor and outdoor range designs.

Our Chief Design Officer and Vice President of Facilities, spent 15 years designing, constructing, and maintaining the U.S. Navy's most comprehensive and sophisticated ranges at Naval Special Warfare Development Group at Dam Neck, VA. From our "small steel" to our sophisticated movers, turners and modular shoot houses, he has lead the way in developing durable, practical, and cost-effective solutions.

This is what we do� And we do it very well.

"Train hard, or don't train at all."

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