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Do Mexican trucks on U.S. highways pose a threat?
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  Yes, they are a threat to highway safety.
  Yes, but they are more of an economic threat.
  Yes, for both reasons.
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Envision Joins Kyocera to Market Shade and Solar Energy

Arizona-based Kyocera Solar Inc. said it has partnered with a fledgling San Diego business — Envision Solar LLC — to develop and commercialize solar energy-generating carports.

Envision was formed by principals from Tucker Sadler Architects and the contracting firm Midwest General Inc. in July 2006. The two companies previously collaborated with Kyocera to create a “solar grove” of energy- generating carports at Kyocera’s North American headquarters in San Diego.

Envision will now offer a turnkey solution to companies wanting to build solar-energy producing carports. Kyocera will be the sole supplier of photovoltaic products for use in the carport projects.

The solar grove project at Kyocera San Diego reportedly generated 428,000 kilowatt hours of electricity and saved Kyocera $50,000 in energy costs during its first year of operation.

Envision Solar has its headquarters in downtown San Diego.

— Andy Killion

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  9/24/2007 - 09/30/2007
Public Housing Develops Program to Stabilize Budget
The head of the San Diego Housing Commission, which helps provide affordable housing to 80,000 residents, announced her retirement earlier this month.
Design of UCSD’s Cardio Center Includes Full-Scale Models to Save Time, Money
Plans for the Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center at UC San Diego call for a 128,000-square-foot, $171 million “complement” to the existing Thornton Hospital.
Wachovia Expands Aggressively By Luring Talent From Competitors
Wachovia Bank, the Charlotte, N.C.-based money center institution that acquired Oakland’s Golden West Financial Corp. last year, is rolling out an aggressive expansion for California, and picking off experienced banking talent from its competitors in the process.
Donovan’s Pairs With Trophy’s to Cook Up New Steakhouse Site
While the Gaslamp Quarter is unarguably the most highly trafficked attraction in the county, it has proven to be less than fertile territory for more than a few nightclubs and restaurants, most recently Trophy’s and LG’s Prime Steakhouse, two chains that closed locations there this summer.
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