Peter H. Clark Montessori Junior High and High School is part of the
Cincinnati Public Schools of Cincinnati, Ohio.

    For ayone interested in Clark, one of the first things to understand is that Clark Montessori is not a private program but is a part of the Cincinnati Public Schools. Therefore there is no tuition for residents of the City of Cincinnati.
    And as with any Ohio school public or private, Clark Montessori provides instruction that complies to Ohio's 5 basic standards of education. Within these standards, many of Clark's main courses are considered "Honors" courses.

    For a complete diagram of both the Junior High and the High School curriculum, visit the Academics link to the left.

    But quite beyond state and local standards, there are many very important aspects to Clark that sets this school apart from almost all other institutions of its kind.

    Below is a short explanation of four of these aspects:

Community Service -
In the form of volunteer work in a non-profit environment, Community Service is required of all Clark students. 36 hours per year is required in Junior High and 50 hours per year in High School.
This work gives the student life long lessons in hard work, cultural awareness and empathy. It teaches students that they really are able to make a difference and have a positive effect on their own community and world.
For a more thorough explanation, click HERE.

Intersession - T
wice a year the entire high school regular curriculum comes to a halt and Intersession is held - a two week in-depth immersion course chosen by the student from the offered Intersession courses.
Intersession examples are Art in New York, Trip to Morrocco, Sailing and Marine Biology of the Coral Reef, Flora and Fauna of the Appalachian Trail, Sports Statistics and Computer Literacy.

During the course of study, students are also coached in leadership skills such as group development, dealing with conflict, and decision making.
For a more thorough explanation, click HERE.

Senior Project - The Senior Project, a year-long assignment, is an in-depth study of a topic of the student's choice and culminates the Clark experience. Due dates for various aspects of the project happen throughout the year and long range planning and implementation of the project are required.
The culminating exhibition marking the end of the project consists of an audio/visual presentation to the student's peers as well as a comprehensive public exhibition.
The senior project showcases the student's individual skills acquired during their 12-15 years in Montessori classrooms.

Extracurricular Activities reflect the wide diversity of interests found within Clark's student body.
There are plenty of official athletic activities (see Athletics to the left) including basketball, soccer, golf, fencing, cheerleading, tennis, baseball, and track & field teams.
Clark Music also provides many musical activities (see Music to the left) including the Clark Steel Band, traditional bands, and strings.
Finally there is quite an eclectic group of special-interest extracurricular clubs: the chicken club, beekeeping, film production, student council, art, strategic gaming, acting, German, yearbook, ski, mock trial, peer leaders and student council.

Clark Montessori is a recognized example of what a creative, energetic community can do to accomplish education - teachers, parents, students.

Clark Montessori is Excellent!!

         For the 05-06 school year, Clark Montessori earned the Ohio Department of Education's rating of "Excellent", the highest level possible under the O.D.E.'s rating system!

Clark requirements and expectations for its students exceed the ODE's requirements for its Excellent rating. But we at Clark are nonetheless delighted and proud of our Excellent rating!

           For full information about the Report Card and the factors that go into a particular rating, click
About the Report Card.

Clark Montessori was founded in the autumn of 1994 as a Junior High with 7th graders who were moving on from CPS elementary Montessori schools.

Beginning the next school year ('95-'96), Clark became a full Junior High with 7th and 8th graders. In the four years following, the highest grade level taught at Clark advanced year-by-year until the 1999-2000 school year, when Clark had a full student body of grades 7 - 12, and graduated its first class that year.

Clark students primarily come from the CPS elementary Montessori schools Dater, North Avondale, Sands and Winton Montessori.
They also come from private or charter Montessori schools, very occasionally from non-Montessori backgrounds and as exchange students from outside the United States.

Clark is the first public Montessori high school in the United States.

On May 24th, 2007, Clark Montessori graduated 92 students, its eigth graduating class!!

Clark Montessori is located on a very wooded property on Erie Avenue in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The property on which the school sits is the former estate of Myers Y. Cooper, who was the governor of Ohio from 1929 - 1931.

The building includes a seperate wing for the Junior High and High Schools.
On the Junior High side there are five Junior High Communities as well as a computer lab and part of the extensive Clark Montessori Student Services group which works with students with a variety of disabilities.
On the High School side there are 19 classrooms including art classrooms and three rooms for the Student Services.

The Music Department has a very fine facility, with two large rooms for the Clark Steel band, the Traditional Band, music classes and also a room for the electronic music computer lab.

It has a modern gym for physical education classes and for Junior High, Junior Varsity and High School volleyball and basketball games. Last year Clark Athletics also resurfaced it's soccer field with Field Turf.
There is also a well-kept 600 seat auditorium for Clark Steel Band concerts, an annual Talent Show, various daytime class use, and occasionally functions for groups or organizations outside of Clark.

Clark's "backyard" is a small woods with trails. Recently completed in the woods is a sm
all, ancient-Greek style ampitheatre.

For information on admission to Clark,
and to arrange a tour of the school,
visit the Prospective Parents pages at the link on the left.

Cincinnati Magazine has acknowledged Clark as having "a culture that stresses trust and respect, hands-on, real-world experiences, and teachers who function as observers and guides who give students the responsibility for managing their own time and learning successes."

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in "Small, Safe, Sane, Successful Schools," also recognizes Clark as an exemplary school:

        "Its small design provides opportunities to learn the skills and values involved in teamwork and group decision-making, in long-term project management, and in service to the community. These have combined with Clark's challenging academic courses to produce proficiency test results that are far above state norms".