The Brits have bigger numbers but the Russians have bigger wallets
By Leo Leonidou
(archive article - Friday, March 23, 2007)

OVER HALF of all the island’s tourists are from the United Kingdom but the Russians are the island’s biggest holiday spenders, forking out an average of £564 per person during their stay.

Brits make up 57 per cent of all tourists, with the Germans second, way back on 6.4 per cent.

Cyprus seems to be less popular with Italians, who only make up 0.7 of tourist arrivals.

Second on the “rich list” are the Irish, who spend an average of £481. Bottom of the list are the Israelis who each part with £206.

Regarding the average length of stay, Americans edge out the Brits, staying for an average of 11.62 days – perhaps because of the distance travelled to get here.

Not surprisingly perhaps, Greeks are the shortest of visitors, remaining on the island for 7.6 days.

Scandinavians stayed most in paid accommodation, with 96.8 of Finns doing so, followed by Swedes and Danes.

Paphos is the most popular destination, with 35 per cent of tourists heading west, which includes nearly half of all visiting Brits. Ayia Napa is second, attracting 17 per cent.

Sun and sea seem to be the main attractions, with only 4.5 per cent staying in the capital.

Nicosia is popular with Greeks and Americans though, attracting 35 and 26 per cent of their visitors respectively.

In total, 2,400,924 tourists officially visited the island in 2006, a drop of 2.8 per cent.

n All figures, supplied by the Statistical Services of the Government, are for 2006.

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