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T H E   P R E M I E R   J A M E S   B O N D   W E B S I T E

Bond song deal ready to be finalized
0000 GMT June 24, 1999

By MKKBB contributor Ajay Chowdhury

LONDON - British music trade magazine, "Music Week" reported that "Lawyers are understood to be set to finalise the deal [to sing "The World Is Not Enough"] any day. "

The article by Stephen Jones which appears on page 8 of the 26th June 1999 edition goes on the cite that the track, written by David Arnold and Don Black, "has been demoed and given the thumbs up." Arnold goes on to say that they've "got the perfect balance between artists who have enough interest for every market and retain appeal and creditbility"

GarbageAlthough Eon declined to comment to the magazine, it seems that the Scottish/US techno-rock act, "Garbage" has the inside track on the track. The band and their label also refused to go on record. The piece claims that Jamiroquai (a Bondphile with an Aston Martin DB5), Robbie Williams (who lived twice on "Millenium") and Sharleen Spiteri of Texas (seen with Arnold and Black at the Royal Albert Hall for the John Barry concert in April), Bjork (singer of the Arnold penned pseudo Bond wannabe, "Play Dead") and spicy Mel C have all had their vocals rejected, the magazine reported.

"It's a great song - obviously in the style of John Barry." the ubiquitous insider told Music Week. Arnold apparently spent a lot of time on set to gain an insight into the film. He's quoted as saying, "People want to get back to the old tradition of a song born out of the drama from the script."

As MGM's Jeff Kleeman told MKKBB contributor Greg Bechtloff, the song will be performed by a big name.

If the song is good and Bondian it will mean the world. But the world will not be enough unless it is a hit!

By the way, page 1 of Music Week features the fact that John Barry, who received the Order of the British Empire last week, will be celebrated at this year's Music Industry Trust's Dinner at the Grovenor House Hotel on 22nd October 1999. His forthcoming musical based upon Graham Greene's "Brighton Rock" also co-written by Don Black is also in the works. The music was written in the 70's for a music festival but was only recently re-discovered.


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