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T H E   P R E M I E R   J A M E S   B O N D   W E B S I T E

TWINE music video premieres
Shirley Manson in the music video 0500 GMT October 20, 1999
UPDATED: October 21.

The same "Making the Video" program was shown on MTV Europe on Wednesday, 10/21 at 21:00 CET.

And MTV Europe is heavily promoting the MTV European Music Video Awards tie-in with TWINE and the fact that guest presenters Pierce Brosnan and Denise Richards will be giving away a BMW Z8 on the night of the event.

NEW YORK - Fans have been shown what goes on behind the scenes of Bond movies for years now, but this year the music video by Garbage wasn't off limits either.

MTV's "Making the Video" captured what happened while the cameras weren't rolling on the theme to The World Is Not Enough. The music video aired again on MTV's TRL (Total Request Live) on Wednesday and they also mentioned about their giveaway.

Probably the most surprising news from the program was that the music video was shot less than one month ago from September 23-24 in London. Then it was another two weeks before post-production and editing was completed.

Garbage's singer Shirley Manson opened the behind-the-scenes special with a few thoughts about the bond between Bond and Garbage. "We've always thought our music lends itself well to Bond.. and we've always had a fascination with the movies themselves so it was a big honor for us to get asked to do it," she said.

"I've always wanted to be a Bond girl" - Shirley Manson
"You understand the magnitude of Bond when your parents scream with excitement," Manson said.

Filming: Not at Pinewood
Just because this is a Bond-related production doesn't mean the crew uses the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios. Instead, Black Island Studios in West London provided the shooting space for German director Philipp Stoelzl.

Shirley Manson appears in almost every scene as either the real Shirley or the android version. Her band which only gets a few seconds on screen was on hand throughout the shooting for what they called "moral support."

Shirley Manson
And movie magic can even overcome a problem that would stop some things dead in their tracks. Shirley told the special that she doesn't have a drivers license and doesn't know how to drive.

Special lighting effects made it seem as though she was driving over a bridge at night even though the car's engine was off and she wasn't moving!

The music video
The World Is
Not Enough

Watch the music video at

Stoelzl came up with the main concept for the music video -- to have Shirley Manson play a killer-clone of herself. The music video is set in 1964 when Bond was played by Sean Connery and audiences were lining up to get a glimpse at the "golden girl."

The music video's plot involves someone cloning Shirley Manson on an unnamed Pacific island. The clone is an android replica of Manson -- with a passion for killer kisses. And did I mention a powerful bomb encased in her body? The clock is ticking as Manson makes her way through the story -- sealing one man's fate with a kiss and then killing the real Shirley Manson with another kiss.

Then the android Manson takes the stage, belts out her lines and then... well, let's put it this way, there isn't an encore.

UK premiere, Album release
Click to buy Bond merchandise related to this storyThe music video makes its UK broadcast premiere on the T4 show on Channel Four this Sunday. The album is not due for release until November 9, but you can pre-order it now.


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