Crowd watching skier as he jumps at ski-jump on river bank (Saskatoon Ski(23 KB Image)
Ski jump competitors lined up below ski jump. All holding their skis.(46 KB Image)
Skier in mid-air, taking off from ski jump. Crowd looks on. CPR Bridge in(27 KB Image)
Skier coming down ski jump ramp(35 KB Image)
Two skiers climb ski jump while crowd looks on(40 KB Image)
Person skiing off ski jump on east bank of river. Crowd gathered around.(30 KB Image)
Ski jump, as seen from east bank of river, in winter (near Devil's Dip).(31 KB Image)
Old ski jump on east bank of river, with weir in foreground, in winter. Weir(37 KB Image)
Members of Saskatoon Ski Club posed with skiing equipment at foot of the ski(43 KB Image)


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