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The Chemical Brothers launch details new album

Posted on 12 Apr, 2007 - Bookmark at del.icio.us
The Chemical Brothers launch details new album
UK's finest dance act The Chemical Brothers have revealed further details of their forthcoming 6th album. Entitled "We Are The Night", it is the follow-up to the highly successful 2005 longplayer "Push The Button". For this new album Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons were joined in the studio by Klaxons (on "All Rights Reversed"), Midlake (on "The Pills Won't Help You Now"), Ali Love (on "Do It Again") and Willy Mason (on "Battle Scars"). The album will hold 12 tracks in total and is due out June 9. The first single will be "Do It Again" featuring Ali Love and should be out by June 4. The tracklisting for the album is:
  1. No Path To Follow
  2. We Are The Night
  3. All Rights Reversed
  4. Saturate
  5. Do It Again
  6. Das Spiegel'
  7. The Salmon Dance
  8. Burst Generator
  9. A Modern Midnight Conversation
  10. Battle Scars
  11. Harpoons
  12. The Pills Won't Help You Now

The album is actually not the first new work from the band. In September 2006, the Chemical Brothers were involved in the "Tate Tracks". For this project Tate Modern invited various groups and songwriters to choose a work that inspired them from the gallery's collection of modern art and then write a track about it. The Chemical Brothers' submission, "Rock Drill", was inspired by the Jacob Epstein sculpture 'Torso in Metal from The Rock Drill', and can be heard on headphones in front of the work in the gallery.
image The Chemical Brothers CDs

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