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Kansas City KS

August 17, 1978



Don Diamond vs. Mike Pappas

Gene Stevens vs. Gary Young

Tony Milan vs. Brian Blair

Central States Tag Team Champs Ron Starr & Tom Andrews met Bruiser Bob Sweetan & Col. Buckley Christopher George Robley III in a Non-Title match

Bruiser Brody vs. Noah Jones - $5,000 Body Slam Challenge

Tank Patton vs. Bulldog Bob Brown



 World Champion

Harley Race is becoming as familiar at the customs counter as he is inside a wrestling ring.

Race, of course, is recognized as the World Heavyweight Champion.  This puts him in the demanding position of risking those laurels in practically every mat center around the globe.

Thanks to modern air travel plus his own dedication in defending the crown as often as possible, the rugged Race has probably traveled more miles to more places than any previous titleholder.

For instance, Race has headlined programs in Australia, Canada (Harley won the championship from Terry Funk in Toronto on Feb. 6, 1977, and has since put the title at stake all over the country), Japan, Mexico and New Zealand.  Add to this the numerous outings Race has made from coast-to-coast in the United States.

Needless to say, the many trips out of the U.S. cause extra headaches for the champion.  He must deal with everything from currency exchanges to radically altered time zones to dietary differences.  All of these items can take a toll which eventually might show when Race is in action.

Certainly one thing never changes, no matter what country Race is in.  "Every wrestler, whether he is from Japan or Australia or Mexico, wants that gold belt I wear around my waist," Race noted.  "I cannot let myself be distracted by sight-seeing or problems with travel, because I meet many great wrestlers in these countries who are all out to dethrone me."

Not surprisingly, Race even feels a bit of patriotism when he places the championship in jeopardy in foreign lands.  Having come up the hard way, a successful defense by Race more or less verifies the value of the method by which Harley developed his skills in America.

Perhaps some would consider Race's globetrotting glorious and thrilling.  Maybe Race himself even feels that way when he visits a new place or hears the roar of an enthusiastic crowd.

But the pressure is immense and it grows even bigger with every trip.  Who know when and where the proper combination of circumstance and opponent will spell doom for Race?

Until that moment, though, Harley Race is truly the heavyweight champion of the WORLD - his record proves it!

Geigel Elected NWA President for Another Term  

Bob Geigel was re-elected president of the National Wrestling Alliance at the NWA Annual Convention in Las Vegas.

Geigel first became president when past president Eddie Graham resigned last year due to health problems.  Geigel had been First Vice-President for two years.  Geigel was elected to a one-year term.

Slam Challenge Draws Takers

Wrestlers are starting to line up to get a chance at the $5,000 to any professional wrestler capable of slamming 325 pound Bruiser Brody.

Tonight Rufus R. Jones' brother Noah Jones is taking a shot at the $5,000.

There are presently nine other wrestlers with their names on the list to go for the slam.

Current Champions

World Champion - Harley Race

Central States Champion - Bruiser Bob Sweetan

World Tag Team Champions - Ron Starr & Tom Andrews

T.V. Champion - Ron Starr


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Photos provided by Bob Geigel and Harley Race.
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