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Alumni Association Foundation

Chi Delta Tau is fortunate enough to have Alumni that not only remain in close contact with both the active members and the university, but help to provide incentives for excellence in scholarship. The Chi Delta Tau Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity founded in 1993, is operated by a Board of Directors comprised of alumni and honorary members, and is supported by over 250 alumni and friends of Chi Delta Tau.  The Foundation has an independently managed endowment with a value in excess of $140,000.  The endowment currently provides three annual scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each.  Two are awarded to members of Chi Delta Tau, and the third to a Trinity student who is not a member of the Fraternity.  The selection of recipient for these awards is made by the University's Financial Aid Office.  As the endowment grows, it is the Foundation's plan to expand the breadth of our giving to include more scholarships and larger grants.


The members of the Foundation's Officers and Board of Directors are:


Drew Mallender (President & Chairman)
 Brad Winters (Vice President)

Brent Newton (Vice Chairman)
Chris Saunders (Treasurer)
Steve Mach (Secretary)
David Waddell (Legal Counsel)


Other Directors:

Barry Bowden
David Burkett
Colin Chapman

Dick Firth

Marc Geraci
Marshall Hess

Josh Holland
Raymond Judd
John Kain

Jim Luedeke

Sean McDaniel
Erich Menger

Rob Robinson
Paul Vahldiek


Advisory Directors:


John Cornyn

David Doggett

Michael McMurray


All contributions are tax deductible, less any value received, for the purposes of federal income tax.

The Foundation invites all alumni and friends of Chi Delta Tau Fraternity to support the growth of the Judd-Burkett Fund, by becoming Associates of the Foundation. A minimum annual donation of $50 is required, and there are higher levels of donor recognition at $100, $250, $500, and $1,000.

The Foundation accepts cash donations, as well as donations of marketable securities.

For more information on the Foundation's fund raising and Active Pin programs, please Steve Mach at (w) (713)695-6000, email him at, or write to:


Chi Delta Tau Alumni Association Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 131984

Houston, Texas 77219-1984.


Please become a Foundation Associate today!


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