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Known comic book creators born in or living in Connecticut:

Alascia, Vincent (191? - 1998). Inker.
Produced inks for Timely (Marvel) and Charlton comics. Worked and lived in Derby while working for Charlton, later lived in Bridgeport.

Anderson, Lyman (1907-1933). Writer/Illustrator.
Worked as a commercial illustrator, newspaper cartoonist and comic book artist. In early 1930’s, worked on National’s New Fun, and on King Features Syndicate’s Inspector Wade. Later taught at the Famous Artists School in Wesport, Connecticut.

Aparo, Jim. Illustrator
Illustrator for Charlton books in the 1960’s, and for various DC titles later in his career, particularly The Brave and the Bold. Born in NYC, but lived and worked for several years in West Hartford and educated at Hartford Art School.

Arnold, Everett M. “Busy.” Editor
Editor of Quality Comics Group. Worked in Stamford; lived in Old Greenwich.

Ashe, Edd. (1908 - ?) Artist.
Artist for Fawcett, MLJ, Smith-Mann Syndication, and Charlton. Born in Norwalk and lived in CT while working at Charlton.

Berrill, Jack (1923-1996). Artist
Best known as creator of newspaper strip Gil Thorp. Worked for Eastern Color Printing, including work on Famous Funnies. Lived in New Milford, CT.

Brown, M.K. Artist/Cartoonist/Animator/Writer
Underground cartoonist. Her work has appeared in a variety of media, including magazines, comic books, children's books and television. Grew up in Darien, Conn.

Bunche, Steve. Illustrator/Editor/Production Artist.
Current associate editor for DC Comics’ “Vertigo” imprint; also has comic credits with both Marvel and DC. Lives in Westport.

Bushmiller, Ernest (Ernie) (1905-1982). Cartoonist.
Creator of venerable classic strip Nancy. Born in Bronx, NY, lived in Stamford, CT during his later years. Nancy (and its earlier incarnation, Fritzi Ritz) was reprinted in comic book format by publishers United Comics and Dell.

Busiek, Kurt (1960 - ). Writer
“Retro” writer, best known for his work on Marvel’s Avengers, and his creator-owned title Astro City. Lived in Connecticut during his early years as a comic book writer.

Butler, Nate (1954 - ). Artist/Writer/Publisher
Produced art for Archie, Mighty Mouse and Popeye; writing credits on Archie. Publisher of Christian Comics. Born in Meriden, Conn.

Byrne, John. Illustrator/Writer.
Prolific comic book creator who started his career with several Charlton titles. Best known for reinventing Superman and Wonder Woman for DC, and his extended run on Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics. Currently lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Caplin, Elliot. Writer/Illustrator/Editor/Publisher
Brother of Al Capp (q.v.), born in New Haven. Worked on many newspaper strips, including Little Orphan Annie, Doctor Kildare, and with Stan Drake (q.v.) on Heart of Juliet Jones. Publisher of Toby Press in late 40s/early 50s.

Capp, Al. Writer/Illustrator
Best known for his newspaper strip, Li’l Abner, but produced several derivative comic books, mostly for Toby Press. Born in New Haven, although he lived in New York for most of his life. Taught at Famous Artists School. Born Alfred Gerald Caplin.

Carlson, George (1887-1962). Illustrator/Artist/Writer
Did two features, “Jingle Jangle Tales” and “The Pie-Faced Prince of [Old] Pretzelberg” for Eastern Color Printing’s Jingle Jangle. Outside of comics, known as the illustrator of Uncle Wiggly children’s books. Longtime Connecticut resident.

Chadwick, Paul. Artist/Writer
Best known for his work on creator-owned title Concrete; lived in Connecticut during the 1980’s.

Champagne, Keith. Illustrator
Works primarily as an inker for various DC publications. Past projects include Superboy, Young Justice, Steel, and others.

Cole, Jack. Artist/Writer/Illustrator
Golden Age artist for Quality and other publishers, best known as the creator of Plastic Man. Lived in Stamford, and later Windsor.

Crouch, Bill, Jr. Editor/Writer
Writer of scripts for various comic-book adaptations of syndicated properties for Charlton such as Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, and Hong Kong Phooey. Better known as a comic book historian, having contributed to several publications.

D'Agostino, John. Artist/Letterer
Letterer for Charlton; also known for artwork on various Marvel titles.

Dimassa, Diane. Writer/Illustrator
Creator of edgy, lesbian-oriented underground comic Hothead Paisan. From New Haven, currently working out of Westport.

Dirgo, Ray. Illustrator
Charlton cartoonist, worked on Charlton’s “Screen Gems” imprint under George Wildman, including covers for The Flintstones and spin-off titles.

Disbrow, Jay. Artist/Writer/Lecturer
Graduate of Famous Artists School. Inked and penciled several Fiction House titles. Has also written a biography of Jerry Iger and currently produces The Adventures of AROC of ZENITH.

Dorne, Susan. Letterer
Manchester/Rockville resident and Connecticut native, has done work for a number of small-press publishers.

Drake, Stanley (1921-1997). Illustrator
Known primarily for working on newspaper strips, The Heart of Juliet Jones and Blondie, but began work as a pulp illustrator and did occasional work for Marvel comics.

Eisner, Will (1917- ). Artist/Writer
Prolific and influential comic artist from the 1930’s to the present. Best known for his creator-owned character The Spirit. Also known for his work with Fiction House, Quality, graphic novels, and much more. May have lived in Stamford while working for Quality from 1936 to 1942.

Englehart, Steven. (1947- ). Writer
Prolific writer for a variety of DC and Marvel titles, as well as some smaller companies. Born in Indiana, attended college in Connecticut (at Wesleyan) and has lived in Connecticut from time to time during his career. Has made many references to Connecticut in his writing.

Estrada, Ric. Illustrator
Cuban-born artist for several companies, including DC, King Comics, and Warren Publications. Perhaps best known for his work on EC war titles. Graduated from and taught at Famous Artists School.

Fawcett, Wilford H. Editor
Founder of Fawcett Publications, lived in Connecticut when the company moved to Greenwich.

Fawcette, Gene. Editor
In-house editor for Fiction House.

Ford, T.C. Artist/Editor
Former Charlton artist and editor, and apprentice to Frank McLaughlin. Has self-published under Total Comics Group label and currently publisher of United Comics imprint. Longtime CT resident, currently living in Milford.

Fox, Gil. Artist
Prolific Golden- and Silver-Age artist. Worked on several Quality titles and features, including Blackhawk and Torchy. Lived and worked in Stamford, CT.

Fujitani, Robert. Artist/Inker
Golden Age inker for Eisner shop, artist on "Hangman" (Pep Comics, MLJ Publications) and Crime Does Not Pay (Gleason). Grew up in Greenwich, CT; also signed work as "Bob Fuje".

Garney, Ronald. Artist
Artist on a variety of recent and current comic book titles for Marvel and DC. Lives in Hamden, CT.

Gentile, Sal. Writer/Editor
Managing editor for Charlton.

Giarrano, Vincent. Illustrator Has worked mostly for DC. Illustrations on Aquaman, Batman, Justice League Quarterly, and others.

Gill, Joe. Writer
Prolific comic book writer for Charlton Comics. Has written for Charlton in a large selection of titles, and in a wide variety of genres.

Giordano, Dick. Writer/Editor/Illustrator
Charlton editor responsible for the Action Hero line, Charlton's entry in earnest into the superhero genre. Also former vice president and editorial director of DC Comics. Has edited and illustrated several notable DC titles, including DC's Power of Shazam!.

Gold, Michael. Artist/Editor
Former director of public relations for DC Comics, editorial director and publisher of Classics Illustrated, and a trendsetter in the use of computers for comics.

Goulart, Ron. Writer.
Longtime CT resident and comic book writer, science fiction author, and comics historian. Comic book credits include, among other things, 1970s Marvel Comics horror stories.

Griffith, Bill. Writer/Illustrator
Best known for his creation, Zippy, which has appeared in comic books, newspaper strips and other publications. Born on Long Island (NY), currently living in East Haddam, CT. Griffith has been and continues to be one of the leading influences in the underground comics movement. Connecticut landmarks feature frequently in Griffith’s work.

Grothkopf, Charles (Chad). Cartoonist
Funny-animal cartoonist, best known as the creator of Hoppy, the Marvel Bunny.

Harrison, Harry (1925 - ). Artist, Inker, Writer
Best known as science-fiction writer and editor. Has done comic book work for many publishers, inculding EC, Fox, Fawcett, Quality, and Dell. Born in Stamford, CT.

Howard, Wayne. Artist/Writer
Artist best known for work on 1970s Charlton horror comics. Still residing in CT.

Ingles, Graham (1915-1991). Artist

Worked on EC titles in a variety of genres before settling on horror illustration. Taught at Famous Artists School (Westport, Conn.)

Janson, Klaus (1952 - ). Artist, Inker, Colorist
Lived in Bridgeport 1957 - 1972. Got his start with Charlton, best know for artwork on Marvel and DC titles in the 1970’s.

Justiniano, Josue Rivera. Artist
Artist for Chaos! Comics, including work on Evil Ernie and Lady Death. Has also done work for DC and Marvel. Current CT resident.

Kelly, Walter (Walt) (1913-1973). Artist/Writer
Best known as creator of comic strip Pogo. Lived in Bridgeport, Conn. for much of his life. Did early comic book work for Western Publishing (Dell) where he illustrated several Disney and other funny animal books.

Ketcham, Henry (Hank). Cartoonist
Author and illustrator of Dennis the Menace newspaper strip, reprinted in comic book form by Fawcett. Also produced original covers for the books. Lived in Westport during the late 1940s.

Laird, Peter. Writer/Illustrator.

Best known as co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Former resident of northwestern Connnecticut.

Lawson, Jim (1960 - ). Illustrator/Writer/Inker

Artist on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage), Planet Racers (Zeromayo Studios), and self-published Giussepe. Graduate of Paier College of Art in New Haven, Conn, former resident of northwestern Conn. Currently lives in western Mass.

Layton, Robert. Artist/Writer/Inker/Editor
Founder/editor-in-chief of CPL Publications, producer of Charlton Bullseye, Witzend, and other fanzines. Co-founder of Valiant and Future Comics; writer and artist for Marvel, DC, and other companies. Lived in Connecticut while working with Charlton.

Masulli, Pat. Writer/Editor.
Writer and editor-in-chief for Charlton; best known for work on Captain Atom.

Mastroserio, Rocco "Rocke". Artist/Letterer/Inker
Inker on many Charlton titles; also known for his work on various Silver Age DC books.

Matera, Fran (1924 - ). Artist/Inker
Born in Bridgeport, Conn. and artist on many comic books, including several Charlton titles. Best known as daily artist on newspaper strip, "Steve Roper and Mike Nomad", Mr. Matera's career spans the 1940s to the present.

McLaughlin, Frank. Artist/Writer/Inker
Connecticut creator and artist for Charlton's Judomaster. Also did artwork for DC on Superman and other titles and authored several comics "how-to" books. Currently teaching art courses at Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut.

McWilliams, Alden (1916-1993). Illustrator
Worked on adventure comics for several companies, most notably Centaur and Quality. Also illustrated advertising work and several newspaper strips, and is best known for his science-fiction daily, Twin Earths. Born in Greenwich, Conn., lived in Derby, Conn.

Molno, William (Bill). Artist.
Charlton artist, lived and worked in Derby. Also known for DC work, including art credit on Teen Titans.

Nicholas, Charles (1921 - 1982). Artist
Best known as the creator of the Blue Beetle for Fox Features Syndicate; continued work on the character under the Charlton label. Also worked on Fawcett’s Nyoka. Lived and worked in Derby while working for Charlton. Born Charles Wojtkowski. Not to be confused with Chuck Cuidera, who also signed his work "Charles Nicholas".

Pearson, William. Writer/Letterer/Assistant Editor.
Charlton assistant editor; also has comic credits for Tower Comics, Eclipse, and numerous other publishers. Frequent collaborator with comics artist Wally Wood (q.v.)

Pini, Richard. Writer/Artist/Editor. Along with wife Wendy Pini, creator of Elfquest and publisher of Warp Graphics. Elfquest was instrumental in the popularization of self-publishing. Born and raised in New Haven.

Porter, Howard. Illustrator
Best known for his work on DC’s JLA. Critically-acclaimed.

Randall, Albertine (1863-1954). Cartoonist.
Illustrator of children's books, magazine illustrator, and fashion designer; created and self-published popular comic strip The Dumbunnies in the 1930s. Lived and worked in New York and San Francisco; lived in CT during her retirement years.

Raymond, Alexander (1909 - 1956). Cartoonist.
Creator of comic strips “Flash Gordon,” “Jungle Jim,” and others.

Reed, Daniel. Artist/Writer/Animator
Charlton artist; has also done work for Marvel, DC, small press and self-published work. Briefly lived in CT with Mike Zeck; studied under C.C. Beck.

Reiss, Malcolm. Publisher
Publisher and manager of Fiction House in early 1950s. Worked in Stamford; lived in Wilton.

Reklaw, Jesse. Cartoonist
Independent publisher, formerly based in New Haven.

Ridgeway, Frank (1930 - ). Writer/Artist
Writer on various Disney comic books. Best known for his syndicated newspaper strip, Mr. Abernathy. Born in CT and taught at Famous Artists School.

Roberge, Frank. Artist
Charlton cartoonist, worked on Charlton's "Screen Gems" imprint under George Wildman.

Rohmer, Sax (1883 - 1959). Writer.
Best known as the creator of pulp character Fu Manchu, Rohmer has also written Fu Manchu's adventures for the comic book medium. Lived in Greenwich during late 1940s.

Sattler, Warren. Illustrator
Charlton artist from Meriden, Conn. Did pencils and painted covers for titles Yang and Billy the Kid. Also has worked as an illustrator for magazines as diverse as Cracked, Playboy, and National Lampoon. Lifetime CT resident.

Schaffenberger, Kurt (1920 - 2002 ). Artist
Has long-spanning career with Fawcett, Gilberton (Classics Illustrated) and DC. Best known for his silver age work on various Superman titles (DC), and has drawn Captain Marvel for both DC and Fawcett.

Sentar, Lianne. Writer.
Connecticut native and resident, writer of English language adaptations of Tokyopop publications including Digimon and Sailor Moon.

Sienkiewicz, William. Artist.
Expressionistic illustrator on projects for various publishers; notable works include Marvel's Elektra: Assassin and creator-owned Stray Toasters. Outside of comics, has done extensive work in fine and commercial art, movies and television, and digital media. During the 1980s, Sienkiewicz helped to popularize the use of painted illustrations in sequential art. Lives and works in Connecticut.

Simmons, Joshua. Cartoonist
Independent publisher, raised in Connecticut. Currently living in New Orleans.

Steier, Elena (1958 - ). Cartoonist
Lifetime Hartford area resident. Editorial, digital, and comic book cartoonist; creator of Vampire Bed & Breakfast.

Stone, Chic. Artist
Comic book artist known for his work on teen humor books. Worked for Fawcett, Charlton, Archie, Marvel, and others.

Sulman, Al. Editor.
Assistant editor for Marvel Comics during the 1950s.

Sutton, Thomas (1937 - 2002). Artist
Prolific artist for Charlton, Warren, DC, and Marvel; perhaps best known for his work on horror comic books. Lived in Mystic while working for Charlton during the 1970s.

Swan, Curt (1920-1996). Artist
Golden Age artist, best known for his work on Action Comics. Lived in Norwalk, CT.

Swayze, Marcus (Mark). Artist
Artist for Fawcett and Charlton, best known for his work on Mary Marvel.

Thompson, Bud.
Fawcett artist on Captain Marvel, Jr., and various Fawcett humor books. Instructor at Famous Artists School in Wesport, CT.

Trapani, Sal. Inker
Best known for his work on romance comic books for Charlton and DC. Brother-in-law and frequent partner of Dick Giordano (q.v.), born in NYC.

Tuska, George (1916 - ?). Artist/Inker
Golden and Silver Age artist. Best known for his work on several Fiction House and Atlas titles, as well as his work on Tower’s T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. Also worked for Quality, Fawcett, Fiction House, and other publishers, and produced syndicated newspaper strips. Born in and worked in Connecticut.

Walker, Mort. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Editor
Creator of Beetle Bailey and other newspaper comic strips, illustrator of children’s books, and art director/editor in advertising and for Hallmark Cards. Various publishers have reprinted Walker’s work in comic book form. Also founder of National Cartoonists Society, and founder of the International Museum of Comic Art and Hall of Fame (Boca Raton, Fla.). Born in Kansas, currently living in Stamford, Conn.

Webb, Todd. Cartoonist
Self-publishing creator of The Stockboy, based in Windsor, Conn.

Wexler, Elmer (1918 - ?). Illustrator
Artist on various superhero comics during the 1940’s, including Blue Ribbon Comics, Zip Comics, and Startling Comics. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Wheelan, Edgar (1888 - 1966). Cartoonist.
Syndicated cartoonist during 1920s and 1930s, his cartoon strip Fat and Slat was featured in comic book reprints. Lived in Conn. during 1950s?

Wildman, George (1927- ). Artist/Editor
Editor of Charlton Comics from 1969-1984. Brought Charlton to greatness by signing many top industry talents on staff. Also well-known for his drawing talents on Popeye. After Charlton closed, Wildman continued to do freelance work, and currently owns a commercial art and animation studio. Lifetime Connecticut resident.

Wood, Wallace (Wally) (1927-1981). Inker/Letterer/Illustrator
Artist on a variety of titles for several companies. Best known for his work on EC’s Mad and science-fiction titles, and as creator of Tower Comics’ T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. Lived in Derby during his (tragic) later years.

Wrightson, Bernard (1948- ). Illustrator/Writer
Best known as a horror illustrator, particularly for National’s horror titles during the 1960s, and for his adaptations of Lovecraft, Poe, Shelley, and Steven King works. Graduated from the Famous Artists School in Westport, Connecticut.

Zeck, Michael (Mike). Illustrator
Artist on many Charlton horror titles. Also known for his work for Marvel and DC, including Secret Wars, Master of Kung Fu, Conan and Batman. Lived in Derby area while working for Charlton and remains a current Connecicut resident.

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