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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dunblane Unburied

Sandra Uttley, a campaigner for the truth behind the Dunblane killings, has published a book called Dunblane Unburied with the support of the Sportsmans Association.
This is what the SA has to say about the book.

The Sportsman’s Association has sponsored the publication of a book by Sandra Uttley, former resident at Dunblane, former paramedic and former housekeeper to Dr Mick North, whose daughter was one of the victims of the Dunblane atrocity.

The book is a well-researched investigation into the factors that led up to that atrocity, from Thomas Hamilton’s birth to his death on the fateful day of the 13th March 1996 and covers much that, although it must have been known to the police at the time, was never even raised at the Public Inquiry, let alone investigated.

The book has been published as we approach the tenth anniversary of the massacre and is recommended reading for all those who have an interest in getting at the truth about Hamilton - which many of us believe was not established at the Public Inquiry chaired by Lord Cullen

Of course not everyone sees this as a good thing, as the article in the Times indicates.

Dunblane’s ‘pro gun’ book sparks fury

Ms Uttley herself says:

“The parents wouldn’t help, so I went to the next biggest aggrieved group — shooters,” she said.

“It has always been my aim to get the truth. The handgun ban was to be the great legacy of this horrendous mass murder and, as a former Dunblane resident, I supported the Snowdrop petition to do away with guns.

“However, the more involved I became in the background surrounding the massacre, the more I realised that the gun ban was beside the point. Hamilton could have been stopped. The legislation in 1996 was strong enough. It was corruption that gave him guns.

“Going to the shooters was difficult, but I have no problems with my conscience.”

The book itself is available from the Sportsmans Association.  I personally have mixed feelings about the timing of the launch.  Whilst for the families of the victims there is never going to be a good time, perhaps the 10th anniversary of the killings is not the best.  I want to get to the bottom of the cover up as much as any shooter but perhaps a dignified silence is appropriate in this case - for the moment anyhow.  At the time of the disaster we had a dignified silence which served to leave the field to the gun grabbers, however presently we have nothing to lose by saying nowt much for the next month or so.

Posted by Lurch on 03/14 at 01:58 PM
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