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Dick and Jen have their most intense confrontation yet

Daniele and Amber leave to compete in THE POWER OF 10

Jen is unanimously evicted, and Jessica wins HoH

Unanimous End for Jen

Evicted 6-0

It’s been a tense week for the BIG BROTHER 8 HouseGuests. Jen rebels against her slop regimen and starts to eat real food again, alienating her housemates who felt she broke the rules. Dick holds Jen’s possessions ransom after Jen tears up all of his cigarettes, and Jameka has to step in to separate Dick and Jen when an argument gets out of hand. When the votes are counted, Jen is sent home after a resounding 6 to 0 decision.

Jendangered HouseGuest
Ever resilient, Jen is undaunted by her nomination, noting there is no love lost between the HoH and herself. “Obviously I’m not close to Daniele because she’s a liar,” Jen shrugs. Jameka is “very happy” about being on the block with Jen, offering, “There’s a strong likelihood Jen’s will be going home.” The architect behind the backdoor maneuver, Daniele, tags Jen as a “loose cannon.” While Daniele apologizes to Jen for nominating her, she also excuses her move as necessary as Jen is such a great competitor. Jen just laughs and heads to the gym to work out. Dick follows her, advising her not to be mad at his daughter for her move as “everybody in the house feels [the same].” Dick blames Jen’s nomination on her playing the game for the wrong reasons. He explains, “You’re not here for the money,” and charges Jen with not seeing the money as a life changing opportunity. Jen tries to explain she is here for the right reasons, and money is the wrong reason. Dick won’t listen to her point, changing the topic. “If I were you I’d concentrate on staying instead of being a bitter [person],” He sneers before skulking off.

Later, Jen drops into the HoH room to ask Daniele why she was nominated. “So, what in the world...?” Jen gets to the point. Daniele softly explains she had to target her as Jen is targeting her dad, and therefore, by association, she is targeting Daniele, as Dick is her ally. Daniele adds, “You and I are the biggest competitors in the house…it’s not personal.” In the privacy of the diary room, Jen breaks down in tears, but finds a smile to lighten her mood as she reminds everyone, “I always get the last laugh, because I always have a good time, even when I’m crying!”

Schoolyard Scorecard
Sometime later in the backyard Jen says she doesn’t think she can go to the sequester house. “It will just kill me.” Jameka is annoyed, claiming Jen’s outlook “degraded the integrity of the [BIG BROTHER] game.” Nearby, Dick lights up a cigarette and smiles as Jen gets up and leaves. “Jen-repellent, works every time,” he grins as he watches Jen depart. Jen mumbles she is sick of being in the house and heads into her room to start packing. Dick follows a few moments later asking what she’s doing. Jen tells him she’s getting ready for Thursday and then starts to cook. Dick reports her movements to the outside HouseGuests, who are confused as to why Jen, who is on slop, would be cooking anything. When Jen returns to the yard, Jameka asks why she’s cooking. “Don’t come this far and start doing crazy stuff,” Jameka counsels her. Dick snipes, “She wants attention as always.” Jen quietly returns inside to gather all Dick’s cigarettes into the storage room where she destroys each box. “I was planning on breaking every single one of Dick’s cigarettes and then pouring bleach on them,” Jen gloats, admitting that was why she hid all her clothing moments earlier as she knew he’d reek revenge on her.

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