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Our school  is situated in Isfara city on  Lenin Street. After death of  A.S.Pushkina our school was named to his honor. More than 1042 pupils are studing in our school. At our school teachers teach all subjects.In our school we have extra classes for learner of English and Russian languages and also an English club . Our school was built in 1932 and there have been 5-6 classes.

The school is mixed and lessons are conducted in Russian and Tajik languages.

During World War II at our school the military hospital was located.

 Principals frequently varied .  The first director was Bezzhon Alexander Yakovlevich.



1. Kiselyova Valentine  


2. Pallo Lydia Konstantinovna.

3. Kovtun Sergey Stepanovich.

4. Bespalaja Alla Nikolaevna.

5. Amonulloev.

6. Majidov. H

7. Ibodulloev.

8. Ismatulloev.M

9. MIrzohikmat Kodirov.


In the past and nowadays our school is one of the conducting schools in Isfara town. Student with teachers are working hard to make our school a better place to study. Our student have competed in National High School Competitions and succeed.


In April, 2004 in our school was opened an Internet Center with the help of the United States Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Relief International Schools Online.

Through the Internet, the students not only learn about the world, but also introduce their self  to the world.


Our Team


10 conducting teachers and 12 pupils of the senior classes take part in our command .


Mirzohikmat Kodirov

Sanavbar Boboeva                      

Lobarkhon Nazarova

Mehri Sattorova               

Azima Nizomiddinova                  

Sofia Juraeva

Sohib Rahmatov

Ahmad Koziev                     

Nizom Makhkamov                       



1.Zafar   Atlasov              9"V"

2.Albina Galeeva            10"�"

3.Rano Raupova            10"B"

4.Maftuna Boboeva       10"B"

5.Sitora Zulfikorova       10"B"

6.Antonina Saveleva      9 "�"

7.Nazira Imomadinova  10 "B"

8.Anna Osipova               9 "�"

9.Manzura Jalilova         10"�"

10.Behruz Uzokov          9 "B"   11.Manizha Ismoilova    9 "B"

12.Dilnoz Mamadova      10"B"

13.Alibek Djumankulov

FSA-FLEX Alumni 2003-2004








             The Tajikistan School Connectivity Project for Central Asia is a two-year project

              funded by the United States State Department Bureau of Educational Cultural Affairs  and

              implemented by Relief International - Schools Online